Thursday, August 13, 2009

(g)alacticSON proudly presents a podcast SIX SIX SIX: Danse & Sing(e)

Danse & Sing(e).mp3

1) Introduction by curt (samples w/ TD @ 2008 grad, fibo seq, Katie Cantlin)
2) Vitalic- your disco song
3) K-Os – uptown girl
4) Discovery- i want you back
5) Kings of Leon- knocked up (lykke li vs rodeo remix)
6) Atlas Sound- walkabout (w/ Noah Lennox aka Panda Bear)
7) The Little Dabs- et (every time)
8) The Bloody Beetroots- awesome (feat The Cool Kids)
9) Clutchy Hopkins- 3:02
10) Rain Machine- give blood
11) WAVVES- mickey mouse
12) Yoni Wolf- shoot the singer (1 sick verse)
13) Hot Chip- touch too much (Fake Blood Remix)
14) The Cure- sleep when I’m dead
15) Glass Candy- geto boys
16) Lupe Fiasco- shining down (feat Matthew Santos)
17) Serengeti & Polyphonic- playing in subway stations
18) Bike for Three!- lazarus phenomena (Thavius Beck remix)
19) Bibio- s’vive
20) Dirty Projectors- no intention
21) Madrid- reply to everyone
22) Stardeath & White Dwarf- new heat
23) Cass McCombs- dreams-come-true-girl (feat. Karen Black)
24) Vangel- cold rain
25) Furious Stylz- furious fuzz
26) Delorean- seasun (sample from The Ricky Gervias Guide to Philosophy)