Monday, December 04, 2006

-this was all-
-in communication-

(3 lines said alone- two quartets uttered in succession in rhythmic pattern)

all our cries
flow through time
into darkness

with the wavering
fabrics of skeleton signs
with tiger teeth we puncture
into tweeked out spines

use the symbols of our cultrues

pass so holy, sublime
we simply shimmer in our
artistic vibes

in a foggy hue
smoke rising through
into twilight

with your image in the foreground,

we pressed on for you
with battered, ragged
diamonds in the soles of our shoes

while brotherhood still lingers
on the tips of our tongues
like fingers grappling mysteries of
long ancient songs

the light still calls
the tree roots hunger on
into eternity


-this was all-
-in communication

(-put this chant between samples-)

---we were moving---
---we were moving---

--we were moving space and time---

they're trying not to shake us
in some other dimension,

dare i mention,

its pot

filled with the circulating
idealistic kind of
new age thought

that causes rebels to pick up spears
become isolated man gods
killing their creator with the suffering and love

as they shave
their histories' blood and tears
ignore captured grecians who never hear
the sparatans calls to the best sides of us all

terracotta warriors of another space and time
a different kind of war a sword that
could injure a thousand or more
in the blink of an eye

all our cries
flowing through time
into darkness

this was all

in communication