Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Updates Updates Updates

Well, well, well. If you are listening, my eyes are now watering.

but who is listening when the sounds of the modern world are like a typhoon trying to catch the BART in a tunnel?


but here we are with some updates to fall upon deafened ears.

the album is very close to completion. 17 tracks as of now.

with a few tweeks and twirls of the fingers on knobs and we are there.

we are in the midst of creating several videos to enhance and portray to you what we are, who we are, and what we will be about.

to say that everything is riding on our premier artistic statement of love and grief is an understatement. everything rides when this is everything we are, the jingle of change in the pocket to create it, several sessions of deep rumination in the early morning hour, tinkering with words and fragments of everything to come to some consensus about what a story this already is and will be in the future.

we have a single for a song we did for a rather special occasion, 80's Nite. Dropping in a month or so, several remixes, maybe a cover song.

we are shooting in LA next month.

we are animating our friend and artist, Taylor Ellis's, work, via animator, Chris Riazi for our first single, (g)alacticFANGS.

things are popping like corks of champagne all the way in the fat cats domain on Wall Street burning down the world one cent ata time.

need a good challenge?

we're up for it.

are you?