Monday, August 30, 2010

(g)alacticSON in the mix

Thursday, August 05, 2010

(g)alacticSON proudly presents (s)omeSONGS vol. II

(g)alacticSON proudly presents (s)omeSONGS vol. 2

thus beckons the beginning of the end of the summer season.

oh how it likes to always be in a state of winding down.

all the life of the past drifting further into the rearview.

but don't be afraid to look up and consider your options.

some songs might make the light come on when you're stumbling drunk, dark into the night. a fading shadow graffiti'ing a pile of bills a mile high.

the picture of the significant other reflecting the cool waves beaming down from the moon signs and happens upon a frightened forehead.

where will we be but for tomorrow calling out to swim upstream, cross lines, snap photos, be apart of the ebb and flow of the ether spilling from hungry souls battling universal time?

so turn these up.
turn them on.
lose control of yourselves.
seethe and cry out shaking uncontrollably.
palpate pulsating heartbeats
rushing with ambition

and intellectual curiosity.

i am only a litany of an artist lost in habit and intrigue by offering songs seemingly penned for you and me? fresh to feast upon like Bill to the neck of that shrieking telepath Sookie.

galactic fangs can only become a mediocre design
with its lethality hovering above
the lamb of carotid artery quietly but fearfully
calling out for a good draining
for a sacrifice
from a technology
corroding the papers
on our fleshy calloused fingers.

a balancing act of epic proportions.

and all the while.

does one sit back?

or does one
roll down the windows,
spread evolving arms,

and glide

and you're almost there.


what do we have but each other?

what do we do when the phone goes cold?

call them in the midst of its soundtrack.

an hour and twenty of musical mysticism delivered from the countless minds taking the fight to the masses through alternate artistry,

here's some songs. a volume part two.

(g)alacticSON proudly presents (s)omeSONGS vol. II
1. The Gaudy Side of Town by Gayngs
2. I Do Voo Doo (feat. Gudrun) by Dubblestandart
3. Come with Me by CEO
4. Rachel by Sleigh Bells
5. Don't Turn the Lights on by Chromeo
6. Fo Yo Sorrows by Big Boi, George Clinton, and Too $hort, and Sam Chris
7. Shorty Said (Gordon Voidwell Remix) by Das Racist
8. Tonight by The Spits
9. What Did My Lover Say by Wolf Parade
10. Freeway by Kurt Vile
11. Meet Me in the Basement by Broken Social Scene
13. Rhinestone Eyes by Gorillaz
14. You Got the Dirtee Love (Live) by Florence + the Machine & Dizzee Rascal
15. Master Cleanse (California) by Yosiah Wolf
16. Something Good Coming by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
17. Horny Hippies by The Dodo's
18. Indoorsy by Baths
19. Summer Holiday by Wild Nothing
20. Amp Circuit by DJ Mayonnaise
21. It's What I Want by Röyksopp
22. Angel Echoes by Four Tet

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Artwork from Lost in the Fog

Our song Spirit of Time visually presented by artist, Taylor Ellis