Sunday, December 14, 2008

Automated (work in progress)

Song been working on for a month. this is the demo, going to record it in a month or so.

Automated with Back Vox December Version 2.aif

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Soon Tales From the Galactic Fog will be released!

We are now finishing the final mastering and mixing of the record. If you are stumbling here or if I stumble here later, one might see this process began in 2006 with a framing of an artist experiment. what started as a challenge has become a full blown music experience.

So the culmination of this work will be 2 albums over the next year!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

with the bee hives
with the moths
the reinvention of humanity
the reinvention of humanity

from pebble stones and gravel stops
the filmy froth
two ton barrels
and a circle crop
this will never stop
verbal persecution and a label sought
I ought have thought
do we continue something
our world should never wrought
the reinvention of humanity
the reinvention of humanity

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

New Mix!

Friday, June 27, 2008

New Logo!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bobbie Brennar Intro

after second guitar riff:

From the furnace of damnation,
the devil takes
four friends from their skins
as they lie awake

Bobbie was the winner,
the pleader

Brian was the brave one,

the dealer

Dealt by death the devil hath surely made
as they paid for their sins before their final day

and as the sun went down
her cries were like moths to an incandescent flame
mercury eyes
centuries to hide
it was only a matter of fate

"Dear Bobbie, bye," her mother cried as she dreamed:
Ferris wheels
ancient pyramids
proteins denatured by insects, bacteria
her eyes morsels for molecular parasites
torn by grit and little fits of rigor mortis,
the devil's icy kiss as he closed the shed
and he said,
"My dear girl, my dear girl, this is not over, this is not goodbye! You are always mine! You're mine!"

Monday, June 09, 2008

More Updates for Myspace

Hope all is well for you as we hit the mid point for the year. We are hard at work on the new record as we have been developing and mixing, tinkering and fiddling, with many songs, ideas, and art work.
Int he Fall, we are going to introduce many of you to an overarching story of two brothers and their fight against the God of the Universe, Bela Lugosi and the evil Galactus.
The geppetto gestapo born from the electricity of particles and space.
In the next 6 months, we will have our first EP for you to hold and listen to! When listening, be sure to dawn your best vampiric attire, your spacesuits, then set your phasers to stun, and be ready to dawn the person you most likely resemble in the 6th dimension of time and space. Time to hunt vampires through music, artist expression, and music revolution.
That is our live experience, earth from another dimension.
This fall we will introduce the first EP of a 4 EP series as well as a brief tour.
The entire 4 EP saga is titled:
Tales From Beyond the Galactic Fog.
We are planning on releasing all 4 EP's over the next year and when that is complete, you all can buy a package including all 4 EP's as a proper album with comic art included!
The first EP release then will be this Fall and we are happy to present he title to you:
Creatures of the Tide (part 1)
Each EP will include 5 tracks and includes comic book art work developed and produced by Taylor Ellis, check out his work and contact him @:
The comic book and the music are going to bring you into this world we have been detailing and creating for the last 2 years.
Look fwd to further communications from the dimension of dreams, and we hope you will join us on this adventure into the far reaches of the galaxy of time and thought!
Sincerely, all of us, living in a
geppetto gestapo

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Faces of Characters

Monday, May 19, 2008

Change of Plans, No Pun Intended

Album is now:

Tales from Beyond the Galactic Fog

It will be released in 4 installments of 5 songs, with accompanying comic artwork to follow the story of the geppetto Gestapo

Tales From Beyond the Galactic Fog by [g]eppetto [G]estapo
Part 1: Creatures of the Tide
Part 2: Dimension of Dreams
Part 3: Mythos Pathos
Part 4: Plans of the Planets

The name of the entire 4 installments, the series, is Tales from Beyond the Galactic Fog. The entire story is that Bela Lugosi fromt he sixth dimension of space inherits the universe as part of his death, when we die we each gets a dimension of space to run or rule.

Tales From Beyond... takes place in his universe. The entire story follows Bela and his struggle to combat the resistance of geppetto gestapo. A key character is the evil minion, Galactus aka Galactic Son, yes hailing from Marvel, I guess, but you can run wild with what the hell the minion of Bela would look like. He mindlessly helps but after he senses the weakness of the creator, his illegitmacy, in a sense to actually crush the human resistance and race, he begins a pursuit to overthrow Bela and destroy Earth for good. The entire Tales series ends with the song, Release the Galactus, where the Galactic Son begs Bela to let him destroy Earth.

The first EP is called, Creatures from the Tide, and consist of 5 songs. We would like a comic page or more if you feel it, and you can incorporate your own voice in dialogue, cause I really like what you write. Anyway, this EP has 5 songs or parts:

1) Creatures of the Tide- Here is the intro to the entire saga. It begins with a large storm in rural Oklahoma. A family is embarking on a controversial beginning. A father, two mothers, having children at the same time, in different rooms. They are scared but the babies must come. As Bela enters the universe, his parallel dimension of Earth, he causes the Northern Light-type weather disruptions, jellyfish rain from the sky, and as the babies are born- supernatural powers come upon them (given the story, any ideas of powers?). Bela then delivers a message to Earth,"Progress further and be destroyed!" After his speech, the family begins to hear Bela's internal musings from his brain in their living room. They discover a portal to the mind of the very creator who was contacting them. They are afraid. they decide to withhold this info from the authorities. they discover superpowers.

2) Galactic Fangs- this is the premonition Bela has of the future, I have sketches of Bela's character that I can send you to work from. Bela is having a nightmare and the song is its instrument. Not much story, very visual. This is the message delivered by one of the two children born in the storm

3) Not For Sale Sign- I'll send you lyrics too, but this is the nightmare the pastor from an Anglican church in England. The pastor is awakened at 2AM with this nightmare. He goes to his old, dusty keyboard and types away his next sermon for the morning. Flash fwd to Pastor at 9AM delivering sermon alluding to his dream which consists of the Galactus destroying earth, the Sun hurled through space towards us, and Bela reveals himself in all his glory, standing tall in green lights. As he delivers sermon in England, but last panel is 3PM on Sunday in Oklahoma as the father of the new "creatures" or children of the tide is in attendance to thank God or rather he knew now, Bela. maybe have a weird service, people found out that Hindu Gods were false and that Bela was ruler. How do people respond?

4) Nein- this is the father's rebellious manifesto against organized or self righteous religions in general, have father thinking about it, have the drawing be a shot of him from the back as the father walks down the street, and in the clouds or horizon could be a face of Bela.

5) The Castaways- Portrays message from second child born- where the message frightens Bela beyond any reasonable doubt, the tragic insanity of what he saw from the childs mind, crippled him in the sense, the utter brash entitlement to freedom of will startles him

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Fall of the Galactus

The galactus is not concerned with the plight or struggles of humanity, he is not concerned with the control waged from Bela Lugosi, in all likelihood, he believes Bela simply is too weak- as he cannot seem to definitely destroy the planet but merely used a few devastations and disasters to punish humanity for the movements and the tactics of the geppetto gestapo deicide movement, the attempt to sever and wrangle back control of a failed experiment, destroy free will, destroy ignorance, hate, religious intolerance, destroy the creator responsible for the death and famine and destruction to the earth from the parasitic and very much out of control human race

thus, as the galactus moves forth on his own whims, the very free will bela maintains for his own amusement, when this creature bent on betrayal and power, moves to slay the human race once and for all

the very creator they are trying to usurp responds, as the galactus prepares to throw the sun into the earth with one fail swoop, bela opens a black hole in the universe and swallows the galactus and himself- clutching the demon of god, rather Lucifer, into the black hole, bela also is destroyed while attempting to contain and harness such madness and rage towards himself and all the creation- the creation itself assasinates his character, the very idea of him not being able to create himself, by being born, he despises it, he wants to be a creator and feel this his weakness

bela on the other hand, as much as he may hate the humans revolt, he ultimately loves his creation, any creator has some love, sick twisted or unconditional- it is always there, like father and son, brother and sister, mother and daughter- a bond unknown like any other

and that is what holds his hand

and that is what forces him to destroy the galactus and ultimately himself

my father is Bela in the end, he saves us all, like he saved me through his own passing, his own death

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mind of Microfilm Projectors

a sea of, confetti bursting from the tiny mouths of purring, calico cats,
as open caskets, bellow words of consternation, a picture of me, coffee in hand, with
microphones, chalkboards, European post cards, a day in the laundry mat,

the face of the gypsy,
wide eyed & expecting as the world is hungry, spending its fate
brilliant neon, colors flash to beats that carry rhythms of the urban demand, and
bmw's, sports cars, 2AM in graveyards,
the planets now
know all
our plans,

in Morocco sands with a gem in his hand,

We, are now one mind of Microfilm Projectors
I've, got that mind of
Microfilm Projectors
You've now got that mind of
Microfilm Projectors
We, are now one mind of
Microfilm Projectors

then fog is, breathing and the shadows start to tango to the march of the mend,
Lee moves then, onward up the middle while the night is filled with the alms of the dead , cue
shaded hues, gym clothes, exaggerated metal pose, dizzy from the bakery bread,

With a body, made of magic yearning for mighty, blowing infinite winds,
the sheep is, soaked from top to bottom and the autumn leaves melt in the rain, with
wrestling nights, backyards, science fiction book cards,
the lasting look
of his
sunken frame,

in the Kenyan plains with his blood in my veins

We, are now one mind of Microfilm Projectors
I've, got that mind of
Microfilm Projectors
You've now got that mind of
Microfilm Projectors
We, are now one mind of
Microfilm Projectors

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fibo Seq Notes

Clapping during breakdown
Steady backs up
we go into Isis vs Hip Hop part- steady flows= leads back into me flowing and end as started
but bring in island guitar

Story Complete

The creature that will betray you

In the end, on the fourth album, the galactus betrays Bela Lugosi, and that is how he meets his end

Updates and Pics

[p]lans of the [P]lanets

So we have completed recording of at least 14 songs, give or take a few vox tracks
it's coming along real well
started work on a new song, and it should be quite a challenge
We have roughly 6 songs that pertain to the storyline, while allowing the rest of the songs to fit into the framework in the sense that these stories of death and funeral and others, are meant to drive Bela crazy with its potent reality, potent creation tackling the creator

We were asked to go on tour with one of our member's main bands, we are kind of a side thing, so we will be supporting this record, and I for one am very excited about this happening, I like his band, it's my brother, and our other group member, Gerd, is moving out to San Fran where I currently reside, so we will have time to actually try and get this music translated live

we all will have to play keys and synths, which will be difficult, given I must sing too, but cant be any worse than playing bass and singing, well, I was screaming, I guess

maybe its easier when all you do is sing haha

Anyway, we are trying to find label support mainly via distribution as both other members are recording engineers and musicians themselves, which makes it alot easier on me

It's coming along really well, and I cant wait to see how it is received on the road- maybe they will hate us, maybe they will love us, but they will know we are passionate about what we are doing, we lobe what we are doing, and i am ready to share all this pain we have had the last year with people, i want to connect, i want to discuss, i want to get to know this world more, and I know it is via music

I am done with school in a few months, thank god, and will have a more flexible income, as my career pays rather well, it's worth it if it gives me the opportunity to do this but still make enough to live comfortably-

i cant imagine how i would do this before without struggling like some artists, which is nice- the city will of course bleed me dry, and taxes, but if i can do this, then it will be all the better

Finally, we will be recording Fibo Sequence as a live group in a few weeks, hip hop + Isis- we'll see how that goes

1- Creature of the Tides
2- Ghostride or Castaways (Im not too fond of Castaways, I dont like my vox)
3- Galactic Fangs
4- This is the Age, We Do Not Age (instrumental)
5- Talk to Me
6- A New Day Awaits
7- Kate
8- Not for Sale Sign
9- Nein! (instrumental)
10- The Morrigan
11- Fibonacci Sequence
12- Seargent Strpes
13- Puppy Dog Tales
14- Release the Galactus

Song not complete:
Mind of Microfilm


Other gG images for other albums:

For our gG

remix album- Nine Inch Nails Year Zero: the geppetto gestapo perspective

Time Can Be A Flammable Object EP
(EP contains recordings pre-geppetto gestapo)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Next Song- The Birthmark

Based on the story by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Another Fucking Bulletin Man

The Galactic Fangs were busy the last month-


1) Talk to me (added- song pertaining to the passing of a loved one, it contains various our mantra- giving hope to those who fear for the future)

2) A New Day Awaits- recorded in san francisco by Adrian Wong- hooked us up- does it for the art- not many people left like that- its our bob dylan, gypsy song-

3) Another Dimension of the Truth- our NIN remix song, Another Version of the Truth is an instrumental on Year Zero, I added my own verses and we basically put together a track using music TR provided his fans via the Zero Remixed album, which is an incredible remix album, check it out, and with the special DVD you get all the tracks from the album to fuck with at your leisure

ahh yes, where were we:

these songs are ready for your persecution as every man woman and child is a art critic with their soda pop and chardonnays, their SUVs and brand name lemonades spiked with the blood of the poor-

we bring you more

we plan on taking it to you on some tour so you can see the torn up dimensions of space occupying what we have created in the course of a year- the progression, transformation-

Bela Lugosi, our loving Lord of all things rockin, of course sends his love and cheer in the new holiday, while dining on his fine wine of our feeble little pop chart lovin brains, ahh the pop corn is full of unsaturated fats, nasty carbon chains built like fences protecting our borders from the invading armies biting at their sashes, paying with coke and big oil cashes,

we expect to be done in the next few months
so hang in there in our bustling economy on the brink of collapse and recession

maybe listen as the markets crumble, listen even for the first time, if you are some dude who emailed us to add ya, do it man-

this is our heart and soul

with only pennies in our pockets

we offer you

our everything

sincerely from the revolutionary front of the frontal lobes,

gG and the galactic fangs