Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Fall of the Galactus

The galactus is not concerned with the plight or struggles of humanity, he is not concerned with the control waged from Bela Lugosi, in all likelihood, he believes Bela simply is too weak- as he cannot seem to definitely destroy the planet but merely used a few devastations and disasters to punish humanity for the movements and the tactics of the geppetto gestapo deicide movement, the attempt to sever and wrangle back control of a failed experiment, destroy free will, destroy ignorance, hate, religious intolerance, destroy the creator responsible for the death and famine and destruction to the earth from the parasitic and very much out of control human race

thus, as the galactus moves forth on his own whims, the very free will bela maintains for his own amusement, when this creature bent on betrayal and power, moves to slay the human race once and for all

the very creator they are trying to usurp responds, as the galactus prepares to throw the sun into the earth with one fail swoop, bela opens a black hole in the universe and swallows the galactus and himself- clutching the demon of god, rather Lucifer, into the black hole, bela also is destroyed while attempting to contain and harness such madness and rage towards himself and all the creation- the creation itself assasinates his character, the very idea of him not being able to create himself, by being born, he despises it, he wants to be a creator and feel this his weakness

bela on the other hand, as much as he may hate the humans revolt, he ultimately loves his creation, any creator has some love, sick twisted or unconditional- it is always there, like father and son, brother and sister, mother and daughter- a bond unknown like any other

and that is what holds his hand

and that is what forces him to destroy the galactus and ultimately himself

my father is Bela in the end, he saves us all, like he saved me through his own passing, his own death