Sunday, August 19, 2007

Quotes for Sampling

A long night in the apartment- ghosts at every turn

Lost in a sea of weeds and shrubs. Old bronze and stone statues left with memories of a city now grown over with people, technology, and sprawl. Who are these men covered up in the urban ice plant, spreading to eat away at time? It seems history is only preserved in small pastures, buildings then surrounded by new sky skrapers. San Francisco seems to be holding back this monster, but it soon will break through. Memories in the form of monuments of unknown people are fascinating. Lincoln and a few others survive but these others I see are alone, stuck in a moment when praise arose them from tools and natural resource.

And there was a laughing head, a cartoon man, right in front of my face, putting his bags onto the ground, and shouting to the entire surrounding crowd, "I'm afraid Bush is too one dimensional and resolved to see his enemy's own humanity enough to conquer him." He grunted, looked both ways, grabbed his bags, and continued to walk across the street.

Trembling red like these trains rumbling in The pitch black, the carpetbaggers Hiding in the shadows Alarms rattling The pied piper dancing In the middle of this urban sunset district A bell hop crooning, tuning himself With the awkward pitch Chiming Dooooooo wah doooooo wah Aint got no loveeeee, Aint got no loveeee You have so much to offer, son. You are not a still photograph, You squiggle and wiggle A painting drooling to dry Waiting for the next spectator To absorb life and liberty
Lest you drown in a pool of liliesDo not let these words echo Or dwell Alone -The fear of tomorrow shall not divide me the fears of today shall only strengthen me They shall ride up through my spinal cord channel its fervent compassion towards my fellow man Guide my hand, blind as I am for the future, It shall steer this boat towards enlightenment It will critique with every technique possible The information coming through these senses And fence and conquer those that may try to Persuade me towards choices which Compromise this integrity With courage, faint of heart, I will drive this tide carrying this ship Over the edge of the world And fall into the abyss With the love of the earth enntombing me in her womb and allows me to sleep forever

You conjured up meanings Now shrouded in mystery A skeleton of the past Rubbed with index fingers Every so softly Similar to the hands that built you You are my first word First step, my first birthday present Your smile is The smile I saw at birth Cloaked in developed haze A fog of San Francisco clouding, Leaving you there only for my memory Swallowed soon by the ground But resurrected -I'll find that zone and unleash the heavens from its seams, tight woven souls whose wings fit perfectly together creating a patchwork, a heavenly dam, keeping God Almighty from unleashing his wrath onto his peoples, the OT Catastrophe God poking his thumb through the tact and insecurity currently dominating the reality TV shows and plastic surgery abominations.

Excuse me sir, but that mask is ominous, very haunting. Will you be taking it off anytime soon? (Wild laugh)

in all things there are illuminations- spirits divine living and breathing through changes and events of magnitude floating down the crease of your spine- and so this came in regards to the poem The Morrigan- he sent, they sent she to deliver to me this message, calling my name, Glaim Tree

and aura hung above like a sun looking down through to the pits of the oceans deepest wells full of life crawling through its mysterious passage ways the only ways to the truth, to the light, to swim in the blackness and feel your fright become a menace, harnessed to the backs of the meek, we seek treasures, we find nothing as i am nothing, slithering over keys, letting this ring out over the networks leading this world by crippled knees and a vengeful bite

Action for its sake does not make one a good leader. Just because you have convictions, does not make them right. Just because you do not back down, does not make you a strong person, or a strong leader. In fact, such displays are rather caricatures of what our President should be, everything from his supposed devotion to the Christian faith down to the use of Hollywood action one liners. He is a cartoon of what a President should be, my friend. -It can be see as distractions keeping him from moving on into happiness. 'Cause I see in his eyes a morose, longing for any kind but some kind of passion to move him into a mood or drive all his own. I see him running from many things in his own mind and heart. But the ideas, the love, the intelligence carries him and people gravitate towards his natural leadership qualities. I see not hurt but I see idleness. He is caught in some void and needs to relieve himself from the routine, needs to find a love again whether it be a job or a be "somewhere" again with a "someone" he has clearly defined

I am afraid of becoming closer The closer we are the further I am away To the end of the pier staring over the side At shivering reflections in some vast, unrelenting ocean Where I finally find the courage to leave all of them Behind and become the best man I can be - we both understood we had no fucking clue who the other was or wanted to sad, but how common I think. (german accent)

our eyes left stunned as we are stunned and I am on the sofa snoring and you are awake staring at the wall wishing you were someone else just remember life chose us and we had no other path but just what is it what is this where are we who are we when are we exactly

in the spirit of the law in the meat packers newest kill Eyes glazed and waiting to thaw there is life the colors of the rainbow are like the waves of grain you saw as a child under the hooves of blurring deer moving into slow motion magic and so this will end and so this will all become tangled messes of neurons and neutrons relieved of their duties passed on out of your skull to feed the universe not some vapid short life span corroded and enough but the remembrance of all you were of all you have loved

I think it takes that type of sacrifice of innocence to truly appreciate it, to truly kick down the secret door, pull the bogeyman out from under the bad, and get at the heart of who we are and not who someone else may pontificate us to be with the origin of life and meaning in an ancient model. we just don't know, and it is that feeling that drives faith. As you embrace belief, you embrace the unknown, and project imagery and meaning on to it, faith grows, it becomes your own identity.

Dissect the molecular mechanisms of our physiology and cell behaviors, and I say, why can't there be a God as it pertains to evolution etc. Is it harmful to believe that God actually had a plan where we developed over time, the ingenious creation all part of one another? That is sanctity if I have ever heard it described. The magesty of the Bible is not on it being fact. Hell, if we wanted that, we might as well study and devoutly follow Law books or company's standard operating procedures. No, religious texts speak more to the power of the human condition, the power of humanity to rise above its own limitations, its own tainted evolution and scientific theory are not conflicitng with the Bible or religion in general, it is a testament, it is a painting of God's plan. have absorbed as a sponge might absorb the ocean's salts and nutrients, I have internalized it, held my head underwater countless times and risen to the surface...more aware, more alive, more open-minded, more appreciative of the diversity of this planet than I would had I kept to my original dogmatic belief system and failed to venture into my respective microcosm. Tapping potential and surpassing it. thus, we believed, as he believed, that in these stares there is judgement, as there may be judgement for us all. where is he going, where are we going, we just don't know...but in the absolute reflection of thought, there is an absolute solution to the complications of one's life. this man is doing just this."