Friday, August 28, 2009

(g)alacticSON proudly presents a podcast ! ! ! City/Life/Scream ! ! !

1. JJ- things will never be the same
2. YACHT- the afterlife
3. Delorean- deli
4. Mos Def- auditoreum
5. Antony & the Johnstons- crazy in love
6. Little Dragon- feather
7. Telephone Jim Jesus- n=1 trial
8. Faust vs Dalek- t-electronique
9. Fever Ray- when I grow up (remx by D. Lissvik)
10. The Dodos- fables
11. The Walkmen- all hands and the cook (live)
12. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart- ramona
13. (g)eppetto (G)estapo- the morrigan
14. Radiohead- these are my twisted words
15. Imogen Heap- first train home
16. B. Nolan- survived winter (feat. Alias, Sage Francis, and Polyphonic)
17. Matisyahu- One Day

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Battlecats

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sons of Moloch Entry II

Check out this instrumental groove of the end of all things

03 I.mp3

Sons of Moloch

10 Beyond The Fog (feat. Galactic Son).mp3

A few years ago, Clintaur from Mokshya/gG and this cat, Nick from Synesthesia, sat down without any equipment, without anything to do, hanging in the desert of Phoenix Arizona; this was begot. It was in the Elvis of Egypt room. Clint lived in the Jungle room. The meth addict was in the Dungeon room jerking off to porn, women crawling through his windows. tribal beats, funked out and junked out bass guitars, and the end of the World.

Moloch was an Old Testament figure; he was the anti-God. The pagan god. Outcasts. He punished with fury. To Allan Ginsberg, he was the American 50's 60's civilization and persecution of minorities of different appearances and sexual orientations. He was the fury coming down on all. This of course was an actual movement or 3rd part of the epic poem Howl. One of the most perfect modern poems in our history, tested the limits of Free Speech.

We are Son of this Moloch. This facade. True Blood is a show on HBO and recently began to touch upon chaos and this fabrication called culture. We are man made. Not made of God but Moloch.

Clint was on Bass. Nick on drums and speaking Howl aloud incredible acumen for voice, and (g)alacticSON speaking and singing.

Screaming Moloch at the top of your lungs in the middle of night invariably increased the adrenaline pumping from our brain stems, bulging, large doses in rushes into a shocked and startled physiology.

The references in the following track feature readings from Ginsberg but also a great philosophical leader, Albert Camus, an existentialist, who wrote famously The Stranger. But one of his most controversial works was a condemnation of his time's existential philosophy, entitled, The Rebel. It was a break from his peers. And so he rebelled, and he was expunged from the inner circles of Sarte et al., yet still won the Nobel Prize having the courage to take on newer, more progressed ideas of Moloch.

And of course, this all sounds to us as a groan across the cosmos, a collective fog of thought reigning and raining above us.

The words and vocals came about months from the initial creation of these sounds building you into a trance, venom slithering into your neck, sinking in, the toxins exploiting the rigid nerves of mother culture pulsing through our bodies.

geppettoGESTAPO is presenting to you, Sons of Moloch and their epic song of philosophy and modern poetry, repetition experimenting in sound and spontaneity built by Clint of Mokshya/gG and his mastermind Nick H. Selsby (haha).

A work of art meant only for the patiently seeking.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Check out the FreebieEP. It's Free. Promise.

Hey for all you out there, swinging by and jammin tracks and podcasts. Check out our official podcast blog:

And check out our FreebieEP! It's free and a taste of what's in store. New EP Lost in the Fog out this fall and our first record- Tales From Beyond the Galactic Fog.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

(g)alacticSON proudly presents a podcast SIX SIX SIX: Danse & Sing(e)

Danse & Sing(e).mp3

1) Introduction by curt (samples w/ TD @ 2008 grad, fibo seq, Katie Cantlin)
2) Vitalic- your disco song
3) K-Os – uptown girl
4) Discovery- i want you back
5) Kings of Leon- knocked up (lykke li vs rodeo remix)
6) Atlas Sound- walkabout (w/ Noah Lennox aka Panda Bear)
7) The Little Dabs- et (every time)
8) The Bloody Beetroots- awesome (feat The Cool Kids)
9) Clutchy Hopkins- 3:02
10) Rain Machine- give blood
11) WAVVES- mickey mouse
12) Yoni Wolf- shoot the singer (1 sick verse)
13) Hot Chip- touch too much (Fake Blood Remix)
14) The Cure- sleep when I’m dead
15) Glass Candy- geto boys
16) Lupe Fiasco- shining down (feat Matthew Santos)
17) Serengeti & Polyphonic- playing in subway stations
18) Bike for Three!- lazarus phenomena (Thavius Beck remix)
19) Bibio- s’vive
20) Dirty Projectors- no intention
21) Madrid- reply to everyone
22) Stardeath & White Dwarf- new heat
23) Cass McCombs- dreams-come-true-girl (feat. Karen Black)
24) Vangel- cold rain
25) Furious Stylz- furious fuzz
26) Delorean- seasun (sample from The Ricky Gervias Guide to Philosophy)