Sunday, November 22, 2009

Things Rolling, Wind Brewing, Mind Melting

Awww, the gaping laughing and mocking of the absurdity of life.

a book list of sorts. authors and books that pull out your brain stem, they allow your brain to move past the petty facade before us, the rules and regulations and simple solutions and the cars and the media devices that end up dividing but possibly in the end uniting us. it's all before us. and we are apart of this, part of you out there who may be thinking about there being more or the whys the wheres and the hows of mechanical evolution after our physical remodeling, our spiritual disconnected existence. laying awake thinking the same things. what are we doing here? what is the purpose? and that is to speak of it. as Frank Herbert wrote,
"Fear is the mindkiller."

So we work our jobs, so we scrape by in jobs that dont define us but keep us away from familes, from friends, a means to an end, what a house? a box? it is that simple and the hurt of the truth is due. we are grappling for you, we want you to catch us out in the cosmos. to take us down with you, to you, to see what it is this life is about for you, and see who we are? will we even have this opportunity. we feel caged. we feel burdened with relief from escalating costs, a screaming boss, reality TV stagnant to the pull of ideas, of reading, of intellectual excitement, not the class room as this is no means to an end. this is real life. blood and guts and life and death. two brothers making music while a man fornicates and smokes meth. dark yet amongst the light.

the future can be so much brighter. we can all contribute. send me your dreams.

but then i know no one is even listening, i am a man floating through space, screaming and not being heard.

the next EP. Lost in the Fog. Will soon drop.


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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Check out our first EP. On us.

check out the (f)reebieEP before our new Lost in the Fog EP rolls out. Tales From Beyond the Galactic Fog will emerge at the beginning of 2010!

<a href="">Lost In The Fog {from LOST IN THE FOG EP - Coming In 2009} by gEPPETTO Gestapo</a>