Monday, October 30, 2006

Story Notes


A whale is frozen like a statue in the ocean- somewhere- the key to finding the blueprint is to unlock various secrets on the earth- there are 4- something like the elements- earth, wind, fire, water- and so in this story- the plans of the planets begins with earth and its whales- to locate the blueprint, must awaken the cestcean- if awakened, it will rise above the water and its song will trigger some reaction that will help lead to the blueprint-

make the song actually focus on aspects of whales, like physiology all runnin rampant in vocals, no moby dick refrences please, overdone

anyway- travel through water by one of the teenagers- who are the main characters in Plans of the Planets- skippin school, wanting to become part of the 2 G's and defeat the Galactus filling the horizon with the emerald glow of his eyes, the horizon is a greenish hue at night

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Star Trek Film Notes

The Only Relevant Species- Whales

10 minutes- cool discussion of the one vs the many, philosophical discussions with Spock

21 minutes- "United Federation of the Planets" Distress Signal

25 minutes- deciphering the probe message- whales are extinct- "songs sung by whales"- 10 million years before man- alien probe to discover why lost contact

28 minutes- plan of finding whales to bring to future

30 minutes- Hamlet reference- then "may fortune favor the foolish" then series of warps, steady as she goes, warp 5, 6, 7, 8, 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


34 minutes- i am receiving whale song, song coming from SAN FRANCISCO- From THE CITY- That Doesn't make sense- DUDE WE'RE USIN THIS MAN- slow his voice so it is way low- from the city

36 minutes- set us down in golden gate park- hells yea

41 minutes- walk the streets of san francisco and find some humpback whales

46- scientific discussion on the physiology and behaviors of whales- detailed physio here- and the principle enemy is man-

49 minutes- discusses what purpose of song truly is- mating situal? navigation? communication beyond our comprehension??

stop watching 1 hour 4 minutes

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Friday, October 27, 2006

Monday, October 23, 2006

going to start bringing my cassette tape- 10 people all saying:

"and such were the plans of the planets-"

then ask questions-

where did we come from?

if there is a god what is that like? If not, why don't you think there is a form of God?

what do you think the Galactus is?

What music do you hate the most and why?

What music do you love the most and why?

Thursday, October 19, 2006

There's apparently something about whales

So we're doin a whale song- i'm not entirely sure what this means, but i'm doin some kindof story about them great orcas! haha YEE HAW! SEA WORLD!! SOUTHERN CAAAAAALIFORNIA!!!! REPTILES! HOLLYWOOD!!! FAKE TITTIES!!!!!

Yep, there's something about whales, their sounds, their size, the fact that they're mammals trips people out the most. We are related to these biiiiig fucking fish in the sea, and I am quite sure the evangelicals praise it so bc of the bible relationship- even Shamu can be pawned off as a great moral parable about God and man.

Thus, I must look deeply into the movie called Star Trek: The Voyage Home- and i believe it is 6

I mean, why did they count every fuckin one- seriously, it is boring corporate advertisers who think we can't follow sequential movies- everyone knows Empire Strikes Back is in the middle and that Two Towers is the most epic and killer- the middle is a good place to be according to the critics.

So there's that- and we need to now install the idea of interviewing people on the street and asking really philosophical questions, take them off guard, see how they respond, send them to Clint, let him fuck with it, and BAM we gotta track- if I go down to the Haight for 5 minutes I'd have enough material for 5 albums of sampling

And so it shall be forever and ever and ever


and now

the name of the third book

[g]eppetto [G]estapo- "Sir, We have the 2 G's Here"

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Further Story Line for Geppetto Gestapo

Plans of the Planets-

Each human species has traveled planet to planet, where they travel out to next planet and Galactus kills each- and the way they get away each time is that a blueprint has been passed down to each human species traveling to new planet, the blueprint is for building a traveling sphere- so the plans of the planets is that this info gets out, but the humans have misplaced it over time- this is the longest they have gone- decrease in intellect???- in the plans of the planets possibly have a story of these kids, or detail each kid's adventure to retrieve the blueprint- to get to the blueprint they must get a piece of the galactus's heel- why though??? Think on this

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Carpet Remains

Sik & Dik Lizzard in Carpet Remains

Story 1

Bob C Cock is supposedly dead, as Carpet Reamins we find him alive and well- thus we start a war of the absurb, we enter onto a Primus forum and announce Bob C Cock is alive and well- we will offer 1,000,000 to any man to find him and bring him to us

Find a hidden code to use for them to decipher- only the seriously good assassins will know

Thus song 1, we explore the exploits of 3 seperate characters, 3 seperate assassins as they try to chase and find Bob

While chasing him, they never quite get to him- before they do, however, they meet their end

use 3 seperate voices for each lyric

For metal parts- Scream: