Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Carpet Remains

Sik & Dik Lizzard in Carpet Remains

Story 1

Bob C Cock is supposedly dead, as Carpet Reamins we find him alive and well- thus we start a war of the absurb, we enter onto a Primus forum and announce Bob C Cock is alive and well- we will offer 1,000,000 to any man to find him and bring him to us

Find a hidden code to use for them to decipher- only the seriously good assassins will know

Thus song 1, we explore the exploits of 3 seperate characters, 3 seperate assassins as they try to chase and find Bob

While chasing him, they never quite get to him- before they do, however, they meet their end

use 3 seperate voices for each lyric

For metal parts- Scream: