Thursday, October 19, 2006

There's apparently something about whales

So we're doin a whale song- i'm not entirely sure what this means, but i'm doin some kindof story about them great orcas! haha YEE HAW! SEA WORLD!! SOUTHERN CAAAAAALIFORNIA!!!! REPTILES! HOLLYWOOD!!! FAKE TITTIES!!!!!

Yep, there's something about whales, their sounds, their size, the fact that they're mammals trips people out the most. We are related to these biiiiig fucking fish in the sea, and I am quite sure the evangelicals praise it so bc of the bible relationship- even Shamu can be pawned off as a great moral parable about God and man.

Thus, I must look deeply into the movie called Star Trek: The Voyage Home- and i believe it is 6

I mean, why did they count every fuckin one- seriously, it is boring corporate advertisers who think we can't follow sequential movies- everyone knows Empire Strikes Back is in the middle and that Two Towers is the most epic and killer- the middle is a good place to be according to the critics.

So there's that- and we need to now install the idea of interviewing people on the street and asking really philosophical questions, take them off guard, see how they respond, send them to Clint, let him fuck with it, and BAM we gotta track- if I go down to the Haight for 5 minutes I'd have enough material for 5 albums of sampling

And so it shall be forever and ever and ever


and now

the name of the third book

[g]eppetto [G]estapo- "Sir, We have the 2 G's Here"