Sunday, August 27, 2006

Troy in Uganda: Ultimate Heart of Darkness Tribute

Story told to me by Troy Drysdale, allowing me to write it, based on actual events.

Story begins with students visiting Kenya. Find a website about an island with concrete relics, kind of like a resort in the middle of nowhere. What unravels is akin to a modern Heart of Darkness in sense of vibe these individuals were experiencing, not in total plot line as far as imperialism is concerned, but it does comment somewhat on eden and primitivism- are we happier at our most primitive state, a ravenous beast bent on serving itself and providing for its kin? The students are told to visit a fish village about an hour south of their primary location. They are then told to visit a small restraunt there, and ask for Mama Grace. Mama Grace could be this character who fancies the island owner, so she doesn't mind helpin him out, the free weed is also nice.

She directs him to a port a few miles down, I could insert lots of cool imagery here, like interesting relics, skulls, start to elaborate THIS AS A TRANSISTION or IN THE UNIVERSE HERE, THE MAN IS SOON TO LEARN OF HOW HOMINDS LIVED, MORE RELATION, BUT DO NOT BE DIRECT, MAN, KEEP IT VERY BELOW THE SURFACE
As they arrive to the boat, they learn about navigating by the stars, as the sun will not illuminate the correct path in the rivers, but it is cloudy and the characters don't understand why they are still proceeding forth. However, they learn the reason later as the notice he rivers at night actually glow green, bright green, they made a type of paint that has flourescnet properities, so that's how they get there. They realize it is a supply boat, maybe a disguise for criminal acts, or another favor for weed.

As they arrive they see a dim latern on some kind of bank. As they get closer a large bonfire, like the aggies bonfire (find the height), erupts and a ragged man, british, with wild hair and beard comes out in a torn white coat with a blue and gold hawaiian shirt underneath, comes out. It is honor system on number of beers, but pot is planted on the island everywhere and is free. He built the island with his own hands, the stone "dorm" and his own "castle," which will be described in the story as they come. The castle, however so I can remember it, has three floors, nothing on the 1st, a gust room on the 3rd, and his on the 4th- the stairwell spirals up in the shape of a square. Rises to the 3rd floor. In his room, there is a ladder to the top, where you can see the panoramic 360 view of his island and the shore off in the distance, elaborate here in the concepts of primitivism and relay the story to main character about his killing fisherman that are unable to swim, never taught, which explains all the drowning. He first murders to protect his fish and island, as the fishermen there started to catch fish in the shallow waters, pregnant fish who hold their babies in their mouths until matured age, but they are swatting plungers in the top of the water, which causes the pregnant mothers to swim away releasing the babies, killing their flock, but catching the fleshy mothers, essentially eradicating their commerce supply. From then on character, learned that killing sometimes is necessary in the most primitive of states, war is merely an extension of this concept.

Fire ants eat pigs whole, and charcters experience their bite first hand while exploring island. They then notice the strange concrete structures.

Have an episode where a police boat is coming towards island and freaks! However, it is merely corruption in full view, as the police were paid to take some bird watchers out to some indigenous, off the path places.

In huts, there are lizards and bugs, mice in the walls, rumbling around, their feet panning all over like the hitting of sticks, The dog opens door, in suspense characters react, think it is the singluar hippo on the island or a wild boar, but it is only the island owner's dog.

Draw comparisons of Kafka's Castle with characters Castle, making a proper metaphor with the ideas by the Czech existentialist.


There are evil spirits living among us, living in one's belly, curses from the despair and grudges of their ancient ancestors or other folk. And curses are like stones or sticks you hurl out at a passing animal. When you throw them, they can go anywhere, they can hit an unintended target, and withcraft is like that. Essentially, as a curse is made on another it flies across space, a metaphysical air, and could hit the victim's child instead of intended victim. Add this element to story, maybe have the island owner say this is his new religion, a truth revealed to him by living in those environments, science dissipates, technology and understanding of nature's complexity disappear, leaving the basic spiritual presence of ghosts and spirits, living and breathing in another world, the world that is producing these words, even.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Music Related Idea

For Plans of the Planets,

1) Opening is kid speaking about Galactus and humans moving past first planet which will doom the human race yet again, the only way to save it is by finding an ancient relic left by the contributors who started the species millenia ago. It has the answers to stopping the galactus. Once kid is through speaking, kicks into heavy, Isis jam.

2) Get RadioShack voice recorder, interview people and ask Question of Existence idea, what they would do if given the chance? Take all responses and litter them through the album as samples, also could use all to construct one sentence made of fragments from interviews.

3) Use recorder to record city sounds to give atmosphere to some tracks.

That is all.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Another story idea

Prison systems, small towns using privately funded prisons to house criminals, why is the US the leader in imprisoning its own people? Is the US govt changing slowly before our eyes into more extreme, more facist type of country? And are we simply moving along, lulled to sleep by commerce, such that under the surface, as the world's politics become more caustic, our response as a nation becomes more repressive? More backward? Why do fight a war on drugs when we embrace a drug that is killing our planet and murdering thousands now to millions of people, OIL?

It's Wallstreet, It's a New Day

So the new idea for a short story, is the story of a hungry wallstreet wannabe, a person bent on making it and the boss who creates a game, a world of facades to test the young up and coming investment advisor

The boss is slick, has the gentlemen appear at 4AM for an interview where he asks him what he can offer bc he know he has something he can offer him

He invites for a meeting with the business advisors, passes the test, meets with the main head honcho, where has asks for a salary and he says, "don't ever tell, let them make the offer first, then revise it all!

Read Liar's Poker and bget background then write the story

This along with other story idea:

Man addcited to entering contests and all the angles for why he finds it worth his while to win, and he does win with persistence, but why contests? Why the obsession with the feeling of winning in unwinnable odds?????

What does that reinforce?

What makes one do whatever to make it? What drives the man besides money, why money?

Saturday, August 19, 2006

About the Authors

We only need 55 minutes of your time, that's all we ask. This is a literary and musical experience, where you must follow along, you must participate to see where the conception came from, and have fun with this little experiment.

What you have included here is the map of the galaxy of the galactus, a parallel universe of ideas geared towards innerspace, not outerspace. There is a story which will unravel before you if you look hard enough, if you put your mind in REVERSE. Think of our intergalactic map as a map of your mind, where you delve into the most insignificant moments to draw and discuss what drives yet cripples our species, what makes us who we are. This is what this whole work is, it is taking those small, memorable moments and speaking about how the little things say millions of things about what makes this world such an incredibly complex, ugly beautiful place.

On this map, there is a short story side and a poetry side. For each instrumental,which includes (in order) the Hominds are the Next Big Thing, Pearls and Dirty Deals, Why Conversation, and Questions of Existence, please refer to the stories printed on the galactic map of our universe. This will enhance the experience, as this is how we constructed these tracks, and put this all together. For the vocal tracks or others, the poetry side contains the mouth of the galactus, swallowing the innerspace, and swallowing pride and other harmful personality traits, what we all wish to do really.

This sounds extremely pretentious, we know, but this is entirely an artistic exercise, we felt could challenge what we do. We did this, not for any money, but because we love music, we love trying something new, something different. This is not some miserable little album geared towards the darkest sides of humanity, but instead examines thoughtfully who we are and where we are going, yet does touch upon issues such as end of life and poor choices we sometimes make in life.

We hope you find something in this album, maybe something you haven't thought about, or found something that reinforces what you already know to be true. We want people to think, as we have thought and worked hours out of our free time to contribute to what we feel is the most incredible part of the human species, art.

This album is dedicated to our father, who has unconditionally provided and worked to help us grow. We are not free from our mistakes, but his love has always carried us in his arms through this perilous adventure called life. Thank you for fighting, for working, and for loving us enough to accept our choices or at least try to!

With nothing but pennies in our pockets, we offer you everything that we are,

[g]eppetto [G]estapo

[g]eppetto [G]estapo is: Tone999 and Kurtz Oneday

The following have contributed and provided ideas and music-

jon gerdemann
Know One
andrew najberg

samples and image work:

Portrait of Bela used in Map drawn by Basil Gogos
Sample [the galactus]- from the film, "Glen or Glenda," directed by Ed Wood
Sample [question of existence] from NASA Space Station audio located at NASA TV
Sample [pearls and dirty deals] from (get link)
Vocals for [the clock strikes midnight, resonating over the jungle canopy]- Gigi

Friday, August 18, 2006

[g]eppetto [G]estapo Photo

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Book One off to be pressed and mixed

We are in the final stages of completion of all recording and will soon start mixing and mastering, and also printing our book/album

It is the Galaxy of the Galactus

We finished our photoshoot and waiting on the pictures!

Can't wait

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

for opening

we begin in the ocean alone, solitary, and erupt into the atmosphere and into the depths of space against the ideas of continuing on this species while the plans of the planets are formulating, the galacti shifting in the shells of their homes.

Monday, August 07, 2006


1 of 3 vocal tracks completed, need to finish these 3 this week and then 2 nxt Sunday

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Castaway

it seems like
elevators moving to the top of the 21 first century
the one and only last loves calling you their

last theory

to surmise

you have worked
you have been
washed up on the shore

left to die

and this is why

you have worked
you have washed upon the shore
left to die

and this is why

only by great schemes with their streamed themes of

into the eye
of this high rise
a tide
moving like
brittle cattle
sent to slaughter
by the falter
of their stances
the brain
shifts and advances
romances the mind

one spirt

darkened by

what's calling you from that side
all sides
all around
inside you
eating you all
like a hive mind meant
to feast on that fleece
warming slow
as the ocean blankets
the silence

you have worked
you have been
washed up on the shore

left to die

and this is why

you have worked
you have washed upon the shore
left to die

and this is why

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

This Week

is THE week. We are working on setting up a photo shoot for our album bio picture, which consists of me n the bro in our gear, me sittin at a type writer, both draped in these suicide girl lookin girls, compliments of clint's friend who happens to be a stripper, can't wait for it.

We are also finishing the record hopefully in the next week.

That is all.