Sunday, August 20, 2006

It's Wallstreet, It's a New Day

So the new idea for a short story, is the story of a hungry wallstreet wannabe, a person bent on making it and the boss who creates a game, a world of facades to test the young up and coming investment advisor

The boss is slick, has the gentlemen appear at 4AM for an interview where he asks him what he can offer bc he know he has something he can offer him

He invites for a meeting with the business advisors, passes the test, meets with the main head honcho, where has asks for a salary and he says, "don't ever tell, let them make the offer first, then revise it all!

Read Liar's Poker and bget background then write the story

This along with other story idea:

Man addcited to entering contests and all the angles for why he finds it worth his while to win, and he does win with persistence, but why contests? Why the obsession with the feeling of winning in unwinnable odds?????

What does that reinforce?

What makes one do whatever to make it? What drives the man besides money, why money?