Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Plans of the Planets

New album theme-

stories are dreams- nightmares meant to haunt the dreams of Bela Lugosi- the god of the geppetto universe- each poem, each story is meant to reflect his creation, it is taking the creator and making him face what the day to day is like- tiny dreams, snippets of nightmares

use dreams like-

dads chasing sons whose drugs are burning up in front of them
stadiums where people trying to commit suicide must be televised so all can lament their pain- its your best friend on the TV after having dinner and you didnt know he or she went home to try to end it all
it is becoming a fox and being hunted for sport

random obscure passages dealing with our world- it is meant to destroy Bela, make him go mad, and call off the Galactus

the other story line-

4 kids from random places come together to search out the map, the design for the pod to take the last of the human species to a new planet, a new genesis, and all that ensues with tryin to find the whale's whose belly contains a piece of it- calling it out

that's all for now