Thursday, December 17, 2009

(g)alacticSON proudly presents $$$ (c)osmiCAMBRIAN $$$

click here to download:

Just in time.

I have gift for you to unwrap with several rap (laugh) trax.

I'm your bloody Secret Santa as they say across the pond. But not literally bloody. Wouldn't that be a great horror flick? Secret Santa. "You've Been Naughty, now you're Diced." Potential direct to DVD.

Anyways. Me? Ramble?

Ok, so this podcast has been a true labor of love, and it has taken a few months to conceptualize and organize for optimal listening pleasure. Something for everyone. Rock. Hip Hop. Electro. Reggae. Dance. Metal. Most of it is here for you, as would befit the name cosmic cambrian. My robotic spinning pre-paleozoic molecular minotaurs would destroy the dinos. For sure.

And that's what I have for you to devour. A stomping affair about a cosmic creature coming to rule the earth again. Cosmic bronto's and tyrrano's crushing the countryside with galactic beats and other feats of incredible strength. A running dialogue between man and machine, all that could have been. or bean.

Also included, and the concluding track of the podcast, i am proud to release a new track featuring my good friend, Mad Scientist, and included in the new EP from my project, (g)eppettoGESTAPO, which will be dropping any week now.

I wish everyone a safe holiday and happy new year!

Been a tough year but one of the best. Going to be a great 2010!

(g)alacticSON proudly presents (c)osmiCAMBRIAN

Introduction & other music by Curt Allday aka (g)alacticSON utilizing splendid gear made possible by the engineer and good buddy, Jon Gerdemann, the artist inspirations from Taylor Ellis and my best friend and brother Clint Allday. All the love from my beautiful wife to be, Karen Lippman, all the strength she gives me. The indomitable strength of my sister and artist, Claire Allday. And of course, my friends from all over, you know who you are, and you all have given me the strength to carry on in life.

Happy Holidays!!!

The Radio Samples were accessed via @

It is a CBC, Vancouver radio adaptation from 1965 of "The Kraken Wakes"--an apocalyptic science fiction novel by John Wyndham.


(g)alacticSON proudly presents (c)osmiCAMBRIAN
1. modeselektor- The White Flash (with Thom Yorke) 2:08
2. bat for lashes- Pearl’s Dream (6:12)
3. choir of young believers- Action/Reaction (10:30)
4. saul williams- Skin of a Drum (14:45)
5. delorean- As Time Breaks Off (D.A.R.Y.L. RMX) (18:37)
6. danzig- Come to Silver (Acoustic) (24:10)
7. sufjan stevens- John Wayne Gacy, Jr. (27:10)
8. royksopp- This Must Be It (This Could Be Thin White Duke Remix) (30:03)
9. the very best- Julia (37:00)
10. themselves- Gold Teeth Will Roll (40:45)
11. peeping tom- Don’t Even Trip (44:30)
12. islands- Shining (50:00)
13. serengeti & polyphonic- Puppydog Love (53:51)
14. the beta band- Al Sharp (56:53)
15. octavius- Before You Go Away (60:21)
16. girls- Lauren Marie (64:20)
17. sole & the skyrider band- Longshots (68:33)
18. the mountain goats- Psalms 40:2 (73:33)
19. baroness- The Gnashing (76:34)
20. lee “scratch” perry- Dreadlocks in Moonlight (82:17)
21. dizzee rascal- Can’t Tek No More (86:50)
22. subtle- Sinking Pinks (89:10)
23. vitalic- See the Sea (Blue) (94:32)
24. (g)eppettoGESTAPO- inCOMMUNICATION (98:36)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Things Rolling, Wind Brewing, Mind Melting

Awww, the gaping laughing and mocking of the absurdity of life.

a book list of sorts. authors and books that pull out your brain stem, they allow your brain to move past the petty facade before us, the rules and regulations and simple solutions and the cars and the media devices that end up dividing but possibly in the end uniting us. it's all before us. and we are apart of this, part of you out there who may be thinking about there being more or the whys the wheres and the hows of mechanical evolution after our physical remodeling, our spiritual disconnected existence. laying awake thinking the same things. what are we doing here? what is the purpose? and that is to speak of it. as Frank Herbert wrote,
"Fear is the mindkiller."

So we work our jobs, so we scrape by in jobs that dont define us but keep us away from familes, from friends, a means to an end, what a house? a box? it is that simple and the hurt of the truth is due. we are grappling for you, we want you to catch us out in the cosmos. to take us down with you, to you, to see what it is this life is about for you, and see who we are? will we even have this opportunity. we feel caged. we feel burdened with relief from escalating costs, a screaming boss, reality TV stagnant to the pull of ideas, of reading, of intellectual excitement, not the class room as this is no means to an end. this is real life. blood and guts and life and death. two brothers making music while a man fornicates and smokes meth. dark yet amongst the light.

the future can be so much brighter. we can all contribute. send me your dreams.

but then i know no one is even listening, i am a man floating through space, screaming and not being heard.

the next EP. Lost in the Fog. Will soon drop.


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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Check out our first EP. On us.

check out the (f)reebieEP before our new Lost in the Fog EP rolls out. Tales From Beyond the Galactic Fog will emerge at the beginning of 2010!

<a href="">Lost In The Fog {from LOST IN THE FOG EP - Coming In 2009} by gEPPETTO Gestapo</a>

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween from gG

Just hopin everyone has a happy halloween. lots of burning of conglomerates to the ground. take the ghosts of our past casualties and spread policy makers blood all around. trick with fright on the hallowed night may the gallows be rich with the tabloid hounds.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tone999 (g)alacticPODCAST ***2***

Put on your war paint. Time to smash the metaphysical masters and let the spears fly.

02 II - Freedom By War.mp3

Tone999 (g)alacticPODCASTfour

Fresh from the hard drive of the main producer and song writer of all things (g)eppettoGESTAPO, Tone 999. This is podcast 4!

04 IV - Stepping Over The Threshold of Greatness.mp3

Tone999 (g)alacticPODCAST 333

Will you open your mind to the rabbit hole forming in the midst of your ipod, stereo, laptop, will you venture down it? Can you stomach it? Just try it.

03 III - (g)one inside, (B)e out later.mp3

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mouth of Monoliths

I'd like to take my raw bones &
tear them out,
take a piece of my cheek bone
smash turtle shells
and eat of its innocent meat
my teeth raw, nurtured,
snails across my eyelids
while a bug nit tick takes a bite off
the aphid screams and howls
crying for the mother with
10,000 eyes
a mouthful of signs
spit them out on canvas
as the universe expands and beyond
give me the keys
let me take the wheel
see as i look up in your eye
as the future comes i hit the gas
as the righteous burn alive
on the 180th day of a protest and fast
they are left to die
the bugs all feed on the fortune seeds
planted by the sperm of wallstreet tycoons
forced to where nooses
for the proletariat to choose
and with what weapon
to take out their bellies
and listen to the lies
a boon for
dribblings burst from their mouth
as my eyes left frozen straight
and a petrified bench
is cold
it is isolating
i am freezing
but i cant move
i sooth
i seek
i worship the meek
i do not seek the gold lined
hallways and toilets
for feces to inhabit
on the backs of the broke
tilling poppy fields
and coca plants
owned by mafias
and ghetto gangster crews
i feel the bruise to my
vocal consciousness
rising past the harrowed narrowed horizons
supplyin the rippling diving
done now by the son of my lone star
family character study
waiting for this recovery, as
i see their fingers grappling bones
i see the screen shifting
i see a paradigm shift in blinding light
unknown to the man i was who now is
sitting with his fingers cut up
by the working of middle class hands
i will never take the stand
my mouth wont move
my soul wont bend while
i took the corporate branding
and tattooed their emblem
onto the middle of my face
but my body was full of the universe
each cell in every molecular reaction
as proteins siphon energy for interactions
of the kind to build this body
a reflection of an ever expanding universe
in pyramids
triangles speaking putrid verses
about the hearses of lives we created
due to criteria listed on the inside
on page 40 paragraph number 4
referring to article 1 which states
that the article in which it was originally based on
has now changed and said article
will be strictly enforced
upon the dowry and purse
i live to sing in vacant buildings
to rehearse in living my curses
on hymn books and inertia that
i feel as my heart slows
as my brow wrinkles
as a few hairs gray
as i say i do as
i knew this was the right
sight for my eyes to align with
i can feel the apple and pips
running down the side of
my leg as i lie next to you
the cold winds brewing passions
stashed away awaiting the day,
the minute i touch you
they can never say
there ain't a lot of me in you
and you in eye
as i fight the dawns early light
its delight for the blessing as
i can see slippery black fingers
outpacing my moving shadowy fortress
lingering in the fog
i see them crawling across the room
with little creep eyes staring into the
depths of my mind
witnessing the most disturbing
of memories of actions
and inactions
of truths and serums
as i near them
i see the zoom of the noon hour
and my tongue tastes the
blizzard of hasty conclusions
allusions to the way
i saw his eyes drift
as i sifted through the necessary skills
and equipment built in to handle
these moments where a motherfucker
doesnt' know what the hell he's going
to do
or are we able to do it?
as soon as you came along
as the long icelandic song plays
as the big black orb rotates around
my head for days
with dancers and musical personal
chiming in with ideas
flights flurries from the machines
radiating us in neon trains and planes
do not defy the
little red worms swirling in the
darkness like
a vampire's cape
the yellow tape will not keep
we the people from getting through
the sooner you'll know this
the better will be the mind
as you welcome the subconscious voo doo
leaving its hex
it doesnt matter who's next
of what effects you
want to put up on to that
screen full of mind blowing
star gate visuals
is the eventual pay off
for mind expansion
there we go back to mind expansion
the ideas of space and time rumbling
through me as i delve in a dormant mind
how to cope with the responsibilities
with inabilities for believing
the utilities of the ruse and facade
performs before me
with a stage turnover of nanosecond
wait a second
am i not the same living in the reality TV
punch lines
laughing heads
like pez dispensers
big eyes
exaggerated smiles
using their bewitching
denial to lead me to the trough
to chomp and stray away from the
messages of the minds left
scribbling to pass time in a short life
to accept the strife
to adapt to a endless night
and its all horizontal again
and it draws us in
i see legs ripped from bodies
i see heads skipping
across the highways like
and i grab the bone a little tighter
i see my hands tighten
i see death
i see progress
i see embryos crawling
upon the shores
millions of fetuses
i see them devouring the people
i see them walking into stores
and buying cigarettes
i see them reading the Anarchy cook book
i see the world burning
i see the fetuses crying
i see their wails
i hear them
i cannot sleep
i cannot grip
i cannot stop hearing
their gums on the bones
of dying men and kids
and i see the metropolis
in the sky
i see us reading books
in large vessels
moving through the cosmos
through infinite blackholes
life everlasting as long
as you roll like the stone
parallel to time changes
as vowels of strange context
carries a devil into the cathedral
for reconciliation
where i see you standing
covered in light
when you talk i see only colors
blossoming from your mouth
like flowers blooming in the wee hours
of morning
the mourning widow
i see her web tangle, i see it collect
she sitting in the middle
only crawling for the occasional
fly forgetting the safe route
and she stares
and she sees his eyes
and she hears him nibble on the ice chips
as the peeping of the apple pip
pops from the side of her mouth
the south sob story heard on the north side by every bookie
the "cookie" of cat calls,
she was
no longer
unable to strut her stuff
before the ages rubbed her skin, pulled it all down
where we stand our ground
we must keep our gold and silver
in our mouths
we must munch away its value
we must do what leads this to be undone

and my mouth gapes at the sight of
the monolith
of the apes cracking skulls
of higher levels of conscious enabling space and time communication
beyond our physics
aligned with the cynics
we drown in the seas
after climbing the pipes
leaving the fake heads on bed sheets
the guards unaware
the dogs all asleep
we move away the stones
created by long nights
and cafeteria spoons
we crawl through the stone
and soon we move again
over the fence
and into the sea
with the raincoat float
to escape this sort
of non-existence with existence
escape the monolith's
crippling note

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Galactic Fangs

No one can really tell the story.
Compromises are made,
but there there is no
the terror of a man's

the story . . .


(start at 2:15)
all mechanized to roam
nomads to their own thoughts
their own ideas
lost in their own technologies

what is wrong
with their eyes?
i see . . . how they hide
in radio lines

i hear the beat of a drum,

pull the strings!

dance then . ..

what is coming from

the floor
is a galactic fog
their misery

(then cut into galactic force bites wires intrigue even in the here and after)

Creatures of the Tide (sample bites)

Voice: 1930's announcer, spoken in radio cadre

(begin after radio fuzz)
you are fascinated in the unknown
the mysterious
harboring unspeakable
intricately absorbed
to ultimately
just why
you are here

and now we present
to you
these fateful tales
off behind a galactic veil
never to be written
never to be spoken aloud
the galactus
the brothers
these characters that live among us

my friend, let us listen to its
infinite portrayal
with metaphysical betrayal
let him build his edifice
in his sacrifice
may he never fail

Bela Lugosi Samples (start at 2:17):

lost, we
cut the fabric of time
into the sixth dimension of space

of their ends.

many stars
many planets
if only my presence
occupied their feeble little minds.

i hear their screams, their fears,
in their truth
I see their own mortality.

most are not new
these signs
burning angels.

Friday, October 09, 2009

(g)alacticSON presents a podcast *****MAGIK*****


I also added start times for all tracks, I'll go back and do the other podcasts.

1. Pains of Being Pure at Heart- higher than the stars *skanfrom remix*

2. Diamond Songs- all year songs (4:43)

3. The Black Crowes- I ain’t hiding (7:24)

4. The Beatles- i’ve just seen a face (13:14)

5. Rodrigo y Gabriela- Triveni (15:15)

6. Monsters of Folk- temazcal *live* (19:02)

7. Why?- eskimo snow (22:53)

8. Daniel Johnston- true love will find you in the end (24:59)

9. The xx- crystalised (26:40)

10. Volcano Choir- Island, IS (29:59)

11. SALEM- frost (33:59)

12. Sole & the Skuyrider Band- battlefields (37:20)

13. (g)eppettoGESTAPO- lost in the fog *stress mix* (41:50)

14. Bike for Three!- a year after (45:39)

15. Dizzee Rascal- dance wiv me *extended mix* (48:42)

16. JJ- masterplan (53:00)

17. Themselves & Why?- canada (55:36)

18. Dubblestandard- oxygen pt. 4 *galacticSON double the vox mix* (59:55)

19. Dark Dark Dark- junk bones *odd nosdam remix* (1:06:10 or 66:10)

20. Son Lux- Do *unreleased track* (1:09:16 or 69:16)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Auddy(tm) Award

New EP: Lost in the Fog

for those that stumble upon these thoughts like the clever rocks spit fire from the volcanic rim of some island deep.

we have several updates.




have a new EP coming out next month. October the best time to release some crazy gG sci-fi indie art rap. just try and classify this.

it shall be called Lost in the Fog. featuring a cover of Cure's Disintegration, a remix of Lost in the Fog, some previous recordings from ages ago, instrumentals, a live track we collaborated on, and a new mix of Bobbie Brennar, which for some reason, gets tons of downloads. who are you?

bela and i say "hi"

from the reaches of the sixth dimension of time and space.

be well.

geppetto gestapo.

Friday, August 28, 2009

(g)alacticSON proudly presents a podcast ! ! ! City/Life/Scream ! ! !

1. JJ- things will never be the same
2. YACHT- the afterlife
3. Delorean- deli
4. Mos Def- auditoreum
5. Antony & the Johnstons- crazy in love
6. Little Dragon- feather
7. Telephone Jim Jesus- n=1 trial
8. Faust vs Dalek- t-electronique
9. Fever Ray- when I grow up (remx by D. Lissvik)
10. The Dodos- fables
11. The Walkmen- all hands and the cook (live)
12. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart- ramona
13. (g)eppetto (G)estapo- the morrigan
14. Radiohead- these are my twisted words
15. Imogen Heap- first train home
16. B. Nolan- survived winter (feat. Alias, Sage Francis, and Polyphonic)
17. Matisyahu- One Day

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Battlecats

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sons of Moloch Entry II

Check out this instrumental groove of the end of all things

03 I.mp3

Sons of Moloch

10 Beyond The Fog (feat. Galactic Son).mp3

A few years ago, Clintaur from Mokshya/gG and this cat, Nick from Synesthesia, sat down without any equipment, without anything to do, hanging in the desert of Phoenix Arizona; this was begot. It was in the Elvis of Egypt room. Clint lived in the Jungle room. The meth addict was in the Dungeon room jerking off to porn, women crawling through his windows. tribal beats, funked out and junked out bass guitars, and the end of the World.

Moloch was an Old Testament figure; he was the anti-God. The pagan god. Outcasts. He punished with fury. To Allan Ginsberg, he was the American 50's 60's civilization and persecution of minorities of different appearances and sexual orientations. He was the fury coming down on all. This of course was an actual movement or 3rd part of the epic poem Howl. One of the most perfect modern poems in our history, tested the limits of Free Speech.

We are Son of this Moloch. This facade. True Blood is a show on HBO and recently began to touch upon chaos and this fabrication called culture. We are man made. Not made of God but Moloch.

Clint was on Bass. Nick on drums and speaking Howl aloud incredible acumen for voice, and (g)alacticSON speaking and singing.

Screaming Moloch at the top of your lungs in the middle of night invariably increased the adrenaline pumping from our brain stems, bulging, large doses in rushes into a shocked and startled physiology.

The references in the following track feature readings from Ginsberg but also a great philosophical leader, Albert Camus, an existentialist, who wrote famously The Stranger. But one of his most controversial works was a condemnation of his time's existential philosophy, entitled, The Rebel. It was a break from his peers. And so he rebelled, and he was expunged from the inner circles of Sarte et al., yet still won the Nobel Prize having the courage to take on newer, more progressed ideas of Moloch.

And of course, this all sounds to us as a groan across the cosmos, a collective fog of thought reigning and raining above us.

The words and vocals came about months from the initial creation of these sounds building you into a trance, venom slithering into your neck, sinking in, the toxins exploiting the rigid nerves of mother culture pulsing through our bodies.

geppettoGESTAPO is presenting to you, Sons of Moloch and their epic song of philosophy and modern poetry, repetition experimenting in sound and spontaneity built by Clint of Mokshya/gG and his mastermind Nick H. Selsby (haha).

A work of art meant only for the patiently seeking.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Check out the FreebieEP. It's Free. Promise.

Hey for all you out there, swinging by and jammin tracks and podcasts. Check out our official podcast blog:

And check out our FreebieEP! It's free and a taste of what's in store. New EP Lost in the Fog out this fall and our first record- Tales From Beyond the Galactic Fog.

Get the FreebieEP:

<a href="">Lost In The Fog {from LOST IN THE FOG EP - Coming In 2009} by gEPPETTO Gestapo</a>

Thursday, August 13, 2009

(g)alacticSON proudly presents a podcast SIX SIX SIX: Danse & Sing(e)

Danse & Sing(e).mp3

1) Introduction by curt (samples w/ TD @ 2008 grad, fibo seq, Katie Cantlin)
2) Vitalic- your disco song
3) K-Os – uptown girl
4) Discovery- i want you back
5) Kings of Leon- knocked up (lykke li vs rodeo remix)
6) Atlas Sound- walkabout (w/ Noah Lennox aka Panda Bear)
7) The Little Dabs- et (every time)
8) The Bloody Beetroots- awesome (feat The Cool Kids)
9) Clutchy Hopkins- 3:02
10) Rain Machine- give blood
11) WAVVES- mickey mouse
12) Yoni Wolf- shoot the singer (1 sick verse)
13) Hot Chip- touch too much (Fake Blood Remix)
14) The Cure- sleep when I’m dead
15) Glass Candy- geto boys
16) Lupe Fiasco- shining down (feat Matthew Santos)
17) Serengeti & Polyphonic- playing in subway stations
18) Bike for Three!- lazarus phenomena (Thavius Beck remix)
19) Bibio- s’vive
20) Dirty Projectors- no intention
21) Madrid- reply to everyone
22) Stardeath & White Dwarf- new heat
23) Cass McCombs- dreams-come-true-girl (feat. Karen Black)
24) Vangel- cold rain
25) Furious Stylz- furious fuzz
26) Delorean- seasun (sample from The Ricky Gervias Guide to Philosophy)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Podcast: In a Hallway We Meet

In a Hallway We Meet.mp3

1. SAXON SHORE- this shamless moment ("In a Hallway We Meet" gG remix)
2. NASA- gifted (feat. kanye west, santigold,, & lykke li)
3. PHOENIX- 1901
4. MICHAEL JACKSON- give in to me
5. LADYTRON- predict the day
6. JUNIOR BOYS- no kinda man (body language exclusive track)
7. HOT LAVA- mummy beach
8. MITCH MARCUS QUINTET- last mourning
9. SERENGETI & POLYPHONIC- my patriotism
10. METHOD MAN & REDMAN- city lights (feat. bun b)
11. BON IVER- woods
12. THE TERMITES- love up kiss up
13. BUDDY GUY-one room country shack
14. BOB DYLAN- forgetful heart
15. MUDCRUTCH- crystal river (live)
16. DORA FLOOD- entangled
17. CROCODILES- I wanna kill
18. JAPANDROIDS- sovereignty
19. PASSION PIT- sleepyhead
20. COMPANY FLOW- bad touch example
21. EMINEM- hello
22. ISIS- ghost key
23. BAT FOR LASHES- a forest (cure cover)
24. POPULOUS- bottom 01
25. THEMELVES- cross-section of wreckage
26. THE NOTWIST- gloomy planets
27. GRIZZLY BEAR- cheerleader

Friday, June 19, 2009

In the Concrete River

1) Stars of the Lid- Apreludes (Kilgore Trout Remix)
2) Themselves- Rapping 4 Money (feat Why? & Odd Nosdam)
3) TV on the Radio- Modern Romance
4) Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Hysteric (Acoustic Version)
5) The Twilight Singers- Live With Me (Massive Attack Cover)
6) The Yard Birds- I Can't Make Your Way
7) Odd Nosdam- One for Dallas
8) Dan Deacon- Of the Mountains
9) Black Devil Disco Club- Constantly No Respect
10) Salem- Redlights
11) MarkOne- Stand Up
12) Sole & the Skyrider Band- Ghosts Assassinating Other Ghosts (Telephone Jim Jesus Remix)
13) Nine Inch Nails- Year Zero (Sum of All Zeroes gG Remix)
14) Deftones- Be Quiet & Drive (quiet)
15) Anuna- Media Vita
16) Mastodon- The Czar: Usurper / Escape / Martyr / Spiral
17) Blank Dogs- Red World
18) Silver Apples- Lovefingers
19) The Pains of Being Young at Heart- Stay Alive
20) The Cure- Sugar Girl
21) Sharon Van Etten- For You
22) Amplive- Videotapez (feat Del the Funky Homo Sapien- Radiohead Cover)
23) Steady- Livin
24) Rainbow Arabia- Omar K
25) Battles- Tonto (Four Tet remix)
26) EmerOak- Sleep With Your Rifles (Human Error)
27) Bat for Lashes- Wilderness
28) Bob Dylan- Red River Shore

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Mind of Microfilm Projectors

imagine the mind or brain as a tabletop. lying upon it, all dusty, the air particles and atoms visibly shaken around the lights gaze. the microfilm from your life's worth of memories of someone projected in your mind, like from a tabletop to a felt screen. dedicated to our father. check it.

4-01 Micro Film Projectors.mp3

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lost in the Fog

C heck O ut the L ead D iatribe from the new EP!

01 Lost In The Fog.mp3

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Album Art!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

New EP Released!

<a href="">Lost In The Fog {from LOST IN THE FOG EP - Coming In 2009} by gEPPETTO Gestapo</a>

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fibonacci Sequence (LIVE recording)

Recorded this live- harmonica, cello, drums, bass with synths, and two MC's speakin on life. It goes on and on.

Fibonacci Sequence v1.wav

Nomadic Train Ride

Collaboration on a track from awhile back. Peep it.

Nomadic Train Ride (gG Remix Alignd).mp3