Saturday, February 23, 2008

Updates and Pics

[p]lans of the [P]lanets

So we have completed recording of at least 14 songs, give or take a few vox tracks
it's coming along real well
started work on a new song, and it should be quite a challenge
We have roughly 6 songs that pertain to the storyline, while allowing the rest of the songs to fit into the framework in the sense that these stories of death and funeral and others, are meant to drive Bela crazy with its potent reality, potent creation tackling the creator

We were asked to go on tour with one of our member's main bands, we are kind of a side thing, so we will be supporting this record, and I for one am very excited about this happening, I like his band, it's my brother, and our other group member, Gerd, is moving out to San Fran where I currently reside, so we will have time to actually try and get this music translated live

we all will have to play keys and synths, which will be difficult, given I must sing too, but cant be any worse than playing bass and singing, well, I was screaming, I guess

maybe its easier when all you do is sing haha

Anyway, we are trying to find label support mainly via distribution as both other members are recording engineers and musicians themselves, which makes it alot easier on me

It's coming along really well, and I cant wait to see how it is received on the road- maybe they will hate us, maybe they will love us, but they will know we are passionate about what we are doing, we lobe what we are doing, and i am ready to share all this pain we have had the last year with people, i want to connect, i want to discuss, i want to get to know this world more, and I know it is via music

I am done with school in a few months, thank god, and will have a more flexible income, as my career pays rather well, it's worth it if it gives me the opportunity to do this but still make enough to live comfortably-

i cant imagine how i would do this before without struggling like some artists, which is nice- the city will of course bleed me dry, and taxes, but if i can do this, then it will be all the better

Finally, we will be recording Fibo Sequence as a live group in a few weeks, hip hop + Isis- we'll see how that goes

1- Creature of the Tides
2- Ghostride or Castaways (Im not too fond of Castaways, I dont like my vox)
3- Galactic Fangs
4- This is the Age, We Do Not Age (instrumental)
5- Talk to Me
6- A New Day Awaits
7- Kate
8- Not for Sale Sign
9- Nein! (instrumental)
10- The Morrigan
11- Fibonacci Sequence
12- Seargent Strpes
13- Puppy Dog Tales
14- Release the Galactus

Song not complete:
Mind of Microfilm


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