Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bobbie Brennar Intro

after second guitar riff:

From the furnace of damnation,
the devil takes
four friends from their skins
as they lie awake

Bobbie was the winner,
the pleader

Brian was the brave one,

the dealer

Dealt by death the devil hath surely made
as they paid for their sins before their final day

and as the sun went down
her cries were like moths to an incandescent flame
mercury eyes
centuries to hide
it was only a matter of fate

"Dear Bobbie, bye," her mother cried as she dreamed:
Ferris wheels
ancient pyramids
proteins denatured by insects, bacteria
her eyes morsels for molecular parasites
torn by grit and little fits of rigor mortis,
the devil's icy kiss as he closed the shed
and he said,
"My dear girl, my dear girl, this is not over, this is not goodbye! You are always mine! You're mine!"