Thursday, June 22, 2006

It has begun

After much work and talk, Geppetto Gestapo will happen this summer, we are changing this album/book a bit, in the interest of money and time, we will record 3-5 tracks this summer that will include vocals, three poems from here, and the stories will be included in a pdf file or in book form

The vibe we are going for can be a cross between noise/indie/hiphop/industrial, some groups that are inspiration include dialect, 13 & God, Themselves, The Dragon Experience, Skinny Puppy, the anticon collective, nick cave, bob dylan, kurt vonnegut, haruki murakami, and the list could probably go on

Anyway, I may be posting more stories and poems, we will see how the inspiration surfaces, there has been many changes in my life that probably inspire a thoughtful, meaningful dialogue on life and death and happiness and loneliness

if all goes well, this could be done by next year, until then, this is geppetto gestapo (known now as gG) related, probably simply an intro for the CD:

the hands move through
the movements of voyeurs
as they witness
as they preserve
the grips of gripes and holds of
strings that hang like
from Atlanta's greens,
their dope fiends descending as
means to behoove you as
we move you
to simply let go
and follow us into

the hollowest figments of your imagination
merely forgotten remnants of
insidious details of
what sour dreams are to become of
this world
as these atoms circulate and perculate
you to let go

let this master take you
forsake you
cake you
in make up
and wake you
from your eternal slumber

of endless nightmares
of meandering day dreams
of hallucinations that are anything but
which one
do you figure will
be the spell cast to
hash it all out
with your shadow man, your
fellow man you left behind
in a trail of fast food signs
and empty voting polls

so here we are two from the same
origin, not one in blood
but molded in flesh to notes
to pictures and soundscapes
no longer beholden
to the molten lava
slowly dripping
to the tarry black surfaces

you look up

there is no one
there was no one
there will never be