Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Galactus

this is the companion poem to Questions of Existence

exploring together

moving like milk
and plasma swirling

like a breath frozen
in the midst of revelation

what were they there for
and what do they chase

on the sunscape eclipsed by
their thirst for


left like crumpled paper
floating to the ocean floor

where ideas for salvation are lost
in the chaos of time whose

grasses are transient silk and satin
robes guiding their piety

as they quench species
in dreams with seams tied together

by atom bombs and infantry movements
into the fray where

they say

utter only the whisper of the damned
who will not sleep

until they move past millenia
of black holes
and empty vacuumous space

finally satiated

as days slide
into nothingness

they will shuttle themselves

into another

Garden of Eden
and continue on


and the sturdy men, women, and children of the red icy igloo called Mars became stars releasing the message as they shared silence became the making of their own destruction by a force released from the ices of Mundar in the southernmost pole in Sleep and Sedation

It is he, he who dwells in all planets,
a button switch of sudden notice as you
become a sunspot gold lime line of coke
sprayed onto a blackboard
eating into the core of your busy
mazes with phases in and out
blazes trails
out from and in and out of how he
devours your spirit


Release the Galactus
and release the millions of souls

into heaven