Sunday, November 26, 2006


This december read- The Rebel by Albert Camus before writing Plans of the Planets-

concepts: rebellion- what is it

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Fuck the Galactus, Bitch

dude we need to put "the clock strikes" after why conversation and leave the three last songs together cause they are connected in theme and story line and are the basic introduction to The Plans of the PLanets- essentially

we begin on the shores of a great ocean, the working class all lying out on the shores of thr pacific ocean, lifeless, still, it is quiet, the dawn of the galactus had come to that last species of a distant planet. We explore the cultures of the future earth, we learn of its social orders, it psychology, its yearning for youth sung off key at midnight, crying, howling out over creation for us to be recognized for the purity longing for an answer. The knowledge of the Galactus' whereabouts, and the 2 gG's.

We end the album in space, out overlooking the ghosts, the remnants of past galacti frozen as statues where other planets had not been so lucky as the humans, total irradication.

The next tale is 4 elements that must be found to unlock the secrets to the blueprint, the blueprint for the device to save only two. who will they be? the 2 gG's? Clint are we destined to rise into space and be left? Who knows? The plans of the planets is to destroy and eat Bela Lugosi, God.

It is the kids, the adults, the races, together looking and catering to inner space and leave outer space to itself.


were the plans of the planets.

release the gaalctus, bitch

curt aka kurtz aka The Galactus One aka Dik Lizzard

Saturday, November 04, 2006

write a poem based on xanga-

go back and find one liners
poem is made up of observations and one liners over the last 2 years

Thursday, November 02, 2006

and i'll be stuck here forever
living in the ghost of your song

and i'll be stuck here forever
moving on
moving on

(underneath singing repetitively" the comfort of TV the comfort of TV the comfort of TV