Saturday, January 19, 2008

Another Fucking Bulletin Man

The Galactic Fangs were busy the last month-


1) Talk to me (added- song pertaining to the passing of a loved one, it contains various our mantra- giving hope to those who fear for the future)

2) A New Day Awaits- recorded in san francisco by Adrian Wong- hooked us up- does it for the art- not many people left like that- its our bob dylan, gypsy song-

3) Another Dimension of the Truth- our NIN remix song, Another Version of the Truth is an instrumental on Year Zero, I added my own verses and we basically put together a track using music TR provided his fans via the Zero Remixed album, which is an incredible remix album, check it out, and with the special DVD you get all the tracks from the album to fuck with at your leisure

ahh yes, where were we:

these songs are ready for your persecution as every man woman and child is a art critic with their soda pop and chardonnays, their SUVs and brand name lemonades spiked with the blood of the poor-

we bring you more

we plan on taking it to you on some tour so you can see the torn up dimensions of space occupying what we have created in the course of a year- the progression, transformation-

Bela Lugosi, our loving Lord of all things rockin, of course sends his love and cheer in the new holiday, while dining on his fine wine of our feeble little pop chart lovin brains, ahh the pop corn is full of unsaturated fats, nasty carbon chains built like fences protecting our borders from the invading armies biting at their sashes, paying with coke and big oil cashes,

we expect to be done in the next few months
so hang in there in our bustling economy on the brink of collapse and recession

maybe listen as the markets crumble, listen even for the first time, if you are some dude who emailed us to add ya, do it man-

this is our heart and soul

with only pennies in our pockets

we offer you

our everything

sincerely from the revolutionary front of the frontal lobes,

gG and the galactic fangs