Thursday, December 17, 2009

(g)alacticSON proudly presents $$$ (c)osmiCAMBRIAN $$$

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Just in time.

I have gift for you to unwrap with several rap (laugh) trax.

I'm your bloody Secret Santa as they say across the pond. But not literally bloody. Wouldn't that be a great horror flick? Secret Santa. "You've Been Naughty, now you're Diced." Potential direct to DVD.

Anyways. Me? Ramble?

Ok, so this podcast has been a true labor of love, and it has taken a few months to conceptualize and organize for optimal listening pleasure. Something for everyone. Rock. Hip Hop. Electro. Reggae. Dance. Metal. Most of it is here for you, as would befit the name cosmic cambrian. My robotic spinning pre-paleozoic molecular minotaurs would destroy the dinos. For sure.

And that's what I have for you to devour. A stomping affair about a cosmic creature coming to rule the earth again. Cosmic bronto's and tyrrano's crushing the countryside with galactic beats and other feats of incredible strength. A running dialogue between man and machine, all that could have been. or bean.

Also included, and the concluding track of the podcast, i am proud to release a new track featuring my good friend, Mad Scientist, and included in the new EP from my project, (g)eppettoGESTAPO, which will be dropping any week now.

I wish everyone a safe holiday and happy new year!

Been a tough year but one of the best. Going to be a great 2010!

(g)alacticSON proudly presents (c)osmiCAMBRIAN

Introduction & other music by Curt Allday aka (g)alacticSON utilizing splendid gear made possible by the engineer and good buddy, Jon Gerdemann, the artist inspirations from Taylor Ellis and my best friend and brother Clint Allday. All the love from my beautiful wife to be, Karen Lippman, all the strength she gives me. The indomitable strength of my sister and artist, Claire Allday. And of course, my friends from all over, you know who you are, and you all have given me the strength to carry on in life.

Happy Holidays!!!

The Radio Samples were accessed via @

It is a CBC, Vancouver radio adaptation from 1965 of "The Kraken Wakes"--an apocalyptic science fiction novel by John Wyndham.


(g)alacticSON proudly presents (c)osmiCAMBRIAN
1. modeselektor- The White Flash (with Thom Yorke) 2:08
2. bat for lashes- Pearl’s Dream (6:12)
3. choir of young believers- Action/Reaction (10:30)
4. saul williams- Skin of a Drum (14:45)
5. delorean- As Time Breaks Off (D.A.R.Y.L. RMX) (18:37)
6. danzig- Come to Silver (Acoustic) (24:10)
7. sufjan stevens- John Wayne Gacy, Jr. (27:10)
8. royksopp- This Must Be It (This Could Be Thin White Duke Remix) (30:03)
9. the very best- Julia (37:00)
10. themselves- Gold Teeth Will Roll (40:45)
11. peeping tom- Don’t Even Trip (44:30)
12. islands- Shining (50:00)
13. serengeti & polyphonic- Puppydog Love (53:51)
14. the beta band- Al Sharp (56:53)
15. octavius- Before You Go Away (60:21)
16. girls- Lauren Marie (64:20)
17. sole & the skyrider band- Longshots (68:33)
18. the mountain goats- Psalms 40:2 (73:33)
19. baroness- The Gnashing (76:34)
20. lee “scratch” perry- Dreadlocks in Moonlight (82:17)
21. dizzee rascal- Can’t Tek No More (86:50)
22. subtle- Sinking Pinks (89:10)
23. vitalic- See the Sea (Blue) (94:32)
24. (g)eppettoGESTAPO- inCOMMUNICATION (98:36)