Saturday, January 07, 2006

Introductions are in Order

We are two brothers, who although are different in many ways, seem to agree upon art as one of the master achievements of mankind. But isn't its expression ultimately what distinguishes humans from other species, yes. We have been writing music together for a long while now, recently have done some works that resemble industrial, spoken word, hip hop. I have been writing for quite some time, many collections of poems later, I decided I needed a challenge, more focus and structure in what I am doing. I wrote a short story or vignette recently that interested me and found a suitable title. I decided that for this year, I will write a short vignette then write a poem inspired by the happenings within the story. So these will be paired up, everything is fair game, all characters and events mirror images of what I am feeling and thinking at the time.

My brother is a very talented musician, whose instrumental work is incredible, I can listen to it many times and hear little details, I appreciate his work. If it sucked, believe me, I wouldn't listen nor would i care. Anyway, he and I decided that I will send these literary works and he will write an accompanying score if you will with samples, guitars, bass, synths, whatever. He will also design the artwork. The idea is that at the end we will have made a literary work and a musical work that are both consistent and relevant to one another, we have made an entire art work by inspiration and challenge. We hope to have books with a CD made, hell submit it for publishing if people dig it, I don't know, nor do I really care. This is art for art's sake. He and I both have our very different career paths. This is a way to challenge ourselves and challenge any friends or random readers out there. Feel free to be critical or whatever, I don't care.

We are Geppetto Gestapo
The album/book is The Vignette Marionettes


Andrew Najberg said...

Cool idea. Check out Nick Cave's "When the Ass saw the Angel."

Good to see some posts from you.

I will be back here.

I will set up a link.


If you, if, then you.

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