Saturday, September 29, 2007

Album Details

So we are roughly 8 songs deep on a record right now- we're writing constantly and growing infinitely- the leap from the last album to this one is mind blogging as the depth, the significance, and the performances are that much more involved, detailed, and aware

Songs Thus Far:

1) Galactic Fangs- finished vocally- need to pick out proper chorus vocal effect
robotic eyes
robotic fangs
sunk into the middle of carotid veins

geppetto's near
as they run yellow wires
bombs cant penetrate galactus fire

into his
dimensions of dreams
murder scenes

leaving through
portals of time
ship blasts through gaping galactus guise

while blood is spilled
while blood is drained
the galaxy of his future now waxes and wanes

pillow is drenched
teeth gnash and scrape
the gestapo clung tight to the ends of his cape

virus installed
mind turned to glue
infectious rhymes
infectious grooves


robotic fingers arms and knees
his mouths stand open for robotic disease

robotic tongues
robotic hearts
they leap from time portals as he rips it apart

and now
killer whales are screaming

the stars are leaving

galactic eyes
galactic fangs
free from these galactic things

galactic force
even in the here and after
spot still glowing on for days
behind vast curtains of galactic haze

galactic eyes
galactic fangs
when are they going to free me of galactic things

2) This is the Age, We Do Not Age- instrumental hip hop song, I am thinking of re-doing the vocal takes, as I am sticking to the original crappy wavs bc i captured a moment in time, it is more conceptual rather than aesthetic
3) Questions of Rebellion- track has vocal ideas set, but there is a lot to be done with this song and i dont see finishing it until i am able to spend more time with it after attaching ideas to all the songs

If the elements met on a singular beach and exchanged glances and trading cards,
This would feed into his piercing gold-en brown eyes beaming across vast rolling plains
Raining brimstone as each massive leg crushes those running to their new demagogues
Lining the avenues there, behold the suspicious face of the peril
Who lies in waiting
Who lies in waiting
Who lies in waiting
To whom must we give

He is surrounded by the movement of streetlights become twisting shadows whose ties become nooses as they become relished and asphyxiate
Resuscitate this movement
Resuscitate this movement
Resuscitate this movement
Resuscitate make this live

Start 2:00

Initiate robotic stake cold capture and contemplate the unknown regions of the universe
If they take this task, they make this path, then it will awaken the knowledge of our uniform
Before me there is a map
Around me there is a sea
Above me are his pearl white fangs
Below me there is a way

3:00 in
His hands outstretched white palms face down
Her memories of long days in swirling tide swells
The clocks tick tock and they’re all the same
Their mouths are still moving but he don’t know their name
For all we fought for before his crimes
For all we fought for before these times

We washed ashore
And saw everything and anything as pure
Live lavish,
then you’ll be (flow fast)
singing savage,
on and on you
go through the fray
You’re a time warp (pause)
Into the
Cerebellum, antebellum
Of the record now (spit fast)
Spinning on and on for endless days
We have scratches to save
Your monies exchanged
The melodies of (spit fast)
Our iron butterflies (spit fast)
Spreading their
Invisible wings (spit fast)
We spread salvation indefinitely (spit fast)
In slow motion, the planting of seeds (spit fast)
Lest we (break)
leave (Break)
no thief behind (draw out)

We got six pairs of eyes and
A mouthful of cries

Listen to words
Erupt from my skull
Listen to tips
On urban survival
Listen to plans
On planet betrayal
Listen to sea
Call out for tidal
Listen to phrase
Do not what I do
Listen to dreams
They lie like I do
Listen to signs
All sales are final
Listen to sounds
All banal and primal

(maybe the below here speak over the break- voice modulation here- tweaked out)

Break with music, write some type of bridge- maybe water sloshing and drums isolated, with organ from the ending- creates consistency

Tossing and turning (spit fast)
Like a spindle weaving a warning (spit fast)
Grooving thru (spit fast)

(accentuate each syllable)
A shock to the system (spit fast) (use recorded voice- very staticy, like on a radio program)
Brain child with no means to now mention (spit fast)

Crusty eyes (pause)
Porous, crimson, velvet eyes
Robotic and red (spit fast)
and pearly whites
Taste the sweet sap (Spit fast)
and needle pines
Dry Crisp Ash and forest fires (sing like porous, crimson, velvet eyes)
Why did we start with one big bang?

Moving through (spit fast)
With the force of their entry (spit fast)
Mindless drones
rusting for centuries

(have drums stutter with accentuated syllables ie BE-ING (two beats_

(insert a break)

The melody of organ here hits its pattern- add some of the same synths and what not from the Isis- Holy Tears remix you did- then we can let the song breathe- it basically needs one more layer and I think the whole thing will work even better than it already is

4) Untitled Isis-Esque Song- still in writing process, musically, no vocal takes or ideas established

5) Untitled (Flickering Lights, Struggling Youth)- the beginning vocals are set, they have a more upbeat vibe, but this is vital, as I would like to establish this type of variability now rather than later
Wrinkled coats in summer months
Street lights flicker on
Raised forehead
Dried blood
Near her swollen eye lids
She asks for change and they turn away
Then continue on,
Beneath a misty fog
Do you hear that train rattling on?
It’s only life
Our day to day (say over :30 in song)

He swears I have the look of God
Smitten upon my face
Ingrained in my skin
Pouring from my mouth
I don’t know what to say

He’s a marine,
Selling street spirit
Wearing Nike’s,
Green stripes draw my eye
It’s the wisdom I remembered while
He’s spitting slang

He shows his wounds
As he rolls up his sleeve
You can see
His scar cost infinitely more
Than the alcohol resting on his tongue
It smells cheap
But who am I

Who are you anyways?

I’m passing by
Watching shoes fly
He tackles a newspaper bin
And I can see the crazed look in his eye,
Looking into mine
And I swear I see myself

6) Not For Sale Sign- three parts: a) set in an attic, the preacher is franticly recording his thoughts to his congregation after seeing visions of the Galactus, of Bela Lugosi cleansing his universe of the diabolically ambitious race of humans b) part two is the ramblings of the preacher realizing the horror of the end, the realization of the facade that has been religious beliefs, there is more to fear than heaven and hell, that there is a God who cares not for their whole well being and nurtured souls but for mere entertainment, how can they stop this? c) The service is held on a cold london morning, the pulpit is shaking as the congregation sings of the devil's temptation to buy the soul of man to imprison the creation, "Ahhhh there's something he'd buy!!" The chorus rings out, the people realize the grave nature of the future, questions arise, rebellion is promised, and the camera and author pan out from the church to see the preacher writing more and more but adding layers of detail to the future prophesy

Not For Sale Sign
(for verse- come in at start of song

For end with “something he’d buy”- 3:53)

in the downward sloping
cigarette tide
there lies
the truth you compile
as the type writer
it’s keys
pale white lengthening
your fingernails
so bleached
straw hair bent back reveal to me
show me your confounded spine
show me

after first break- do a spoken word piece as below:

(spoken at a whisper, british, raspy, unrecognizably a whisper of conscience in the right or left channel, the music is now set behind to allow the listener to hear the words of the preacher

There’s something he’d like to buy
He with his long face, piercing black, beady eyes
Yet realized like phosphorous rising from the damp earth of reconciliation
The minerals of discontent revealed like pornographic obsessions and filtered drug induced sunsets where he sits yet writing of our amusing stories, writing of our frequent miseries and marginal pleasantries wrapped in the divinity of flesh
This is the price for our forgiveness, this eruption from the bowels of the planet, in the fiery furnace and core where fiery lions with as many heads appear with thunder and winds and
brimstone calling for you to behold:
His fires will taste you,
they will lick their lips of your flesh, break you
singing of karma of heavens of virgins of everlasting hell
Men fighting men and chewing the flesh, tasting the impurity
Of death revealed in the absurdity of life as they themselves
Feel their bones chewed upon by the gnawing, binding feeling
bubbling with the beginnings of our great lost world
the beginnings of our genesis, our adam and eve
see through me
see beyond me
look within me
you’ll find
the creature of wants and needs
that will betray you
as his cold blank countenance looks
upon you

in the downward sloping
cigarette tide
there lies
the truth you compile
as the type writer
it’s keys
pale white lengthening
your fingernails
so bleached
straw hair bent back reveal to me
show me your confounded spine
show me

you’re as crooked
as your blood thirsty crimes
do they
comfort thee?
Floating in the waves of a long distant sea
Could be
The timely decree
Of a minion of the devil who became
Our God
But can it
Awaken thee
Let the heretic be absolved of this
Take me to an infinite bliss
Show me

7) Piano song- Untitled- no ideas as of 9/29/07
8) Behr Ave- vocals complete, one change dynamically, add synth organ over second minute with an added extension to ambience, adds another dimension and highlights the vocal performance on the second half of the song- 00:30 seconds probably will be added, but it is a short song as of now, so extra room to breathe may better it

Overlooking Behr Ave
with this head in these hands

i can hear the sound of your voice over the cluttered silence
brimming over the side of the coffee mug in the corner of my desk
once grasped
once touching your lips
as i quietly

touching mine

trying to remember what it may

have felt like

the apartment's lights are on and the chairs seem spent while leaning
up against the door where i saw you say that you were leaving
us all behind
in the shadows
like a light blinking
upon the rocks

behr ave