Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Notice to the Door Part 2: Disruption of Dreams

Hello Citizens of Earth,

The fog and haze of dreams are slowly becoming maddening nightmares, like little creatures summoned from the ocean tides. For nights upon nights in my dimension out here in the vacuums of space, your self absorbed pictures are moving through each lobe of this ghostly form, into my brain breaking cognitive waves, a resounding disruption leaving me here reeling, angry, unsure why it is that this is happening?

I wonder if you all know? Can you still hear me , Oklahoma?

Can you feel my agitation?

The wars, the riddled dead every day mounting up with disease, victims of abuse, victims of ideology, made up, insulating each of you, twisting you, pushing you to absorb yourself in the outer reaches of commercialism? Is it all worth it?

Is it?

People of earth, am I worthy of metaphysical rebellion?

Do not answer. It appears this is so as I continue tto witness it on the tiny video screens behind my eyelids.

Each folly, each success, each trip to the park while visiting with friends, each person you pass along the crowded downtown areas of your metropolitan cities, lead to macroscopic realizations as I am forced to sit through your stories and scenes of happiness and despair.

Do I care- not really.

I never had much interest in your pathetic little world until those of you decided to research other planets with rudimentary robots, red and emeregging haze of intergalactic dawn. You realize you are entering dangerous territory. These past civilizations met a similar ruin as you may very well obtain.

Let me emphasize, you will not find anything there that will allow you to discern my purpose.

So give up and you will live in the peace of your wars.

Worship the blood dripping from my galactic fangs and be well,

Bela Lugosi aka GOD