Monday, October 15, 2007

Song Notes

1) End of Album- Isis Song- lots of screaming, we end with the earth in utter peril, the gG within the reach of utter defeat, the galactus is erupting from the core, the mask seen on televisions 50 years prior on some random day in some random minute that happend to be at 3:45AM on a specific station in the middle of Oklahoma- this is the end- the radio broadcast- hello citizens of earth, this is Bob Stanson from KXOU, he will appear in the quake of his dreams, I repeat he will appear in the quakes of his dreams

end of album

2) The Morrigan- spoken word is from Hamill- we transition at, "into the ocean she pushed me off"

3) Song for dad, Talk to me, it builds, maybe sound of bass guitar with distortion as it builds and builds, get crazy effects as it rumbles the speakers, eventually is said! And the song is as calm as an ocean, big on melody here, mimics a part or complements main melody

Talk to Me

And I’ve lived this life
That you’ve given to me
And soon you’ll be gone
So talk to me
Talk to me

Those cells,
those tubes
Not veins
They’re not you

That pride
That pulse
Let go
Let’s talk

(get louder, sing similar refrain)

And We’ll
Be Alright
Wait and See
We’ll be alright

As it knocks
We look away
But not tomorrow
Not today

Why now?
What’s the cause?
What did I do?
How us?

And We’ll
Be Alright
Wait and See
We’ll be alright