Saturday, November 03, 2007

Book 3: The Dimension of Dreams

or Book 3: Hydrogen Jukebox World

One of those titles- Story-

Dimension of Dreams works better because the next part will be storylines- many dreams that were part of Book 2 will be examined more fully in the scope of individuals in the plot- galactus, gG, Bela, and those of 4 kids- the kids each has a dream of a certain element- each element is a piece of a puzzle, a map that leads them on to the whale- the whale, the largest never seen by explorers, is the size of a iceberg- in this iceberg, or whale's belly is the map to create a space pod, an escape for humanity in case the evil galactus and bela lugosi wins over- the bela of the 3rd book is a old testament vengeful God, finally done dealing with the dreams- he combats gG by plagues and many of the things a vengeful deity could be capable of- this is the story line-

the dreams are fair game to cover any topic on my mind- any issue
the story line for the book is with the kids

thats the next album- but far from this as of yet