Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Castaways

We washed ashore
And saw everything and anything as pure
Live lavish,
then you’ll be (flow fast)
singing savage,
on and on you
go through the fray
You’re a time warp (pause)
Into the
Cerebellum, antebellum
Of this record now (spit fast)
Spinning on and on for endless days

We have scratches to save
And your monies exchanged
The melodies of (spit fast)
Our iron butterflies (spit fast)
Spreading their
Invisible wings (spit fast)
We spread salvation indefinitely (spit fast)
In slow motion, the planting of seeds (spit fast)
Lest we (break)
leave (Break)
no thief behind (draw out)

We got six pairs of eyes and
A mouthful of cries

Listen to words
Erupt from my skull
Listen to tips
On urban survival
Listen to plans
On planet betrayal
Listen to sea
Call out for tidal
Listen to phrase
Do not what I do
Listen to dreams
They lie like I do
Listen to signs
All sales are final
Listen to sounds
(repeat under chorus)

Castaways, Castaways, We’re All Castaways

Tossing and turning (spit fast)
Like a spindle weaving a warning (spit fast)
Grooving thru (spit fast)
(accentuate each syllable)
A shock to the system (spit fast)
Brain child with no means to now mention (spit fast)

(tweek out in Galactic Fangs vocal effect- more high end)
Crusty eyes (pause)
Porous, crimson, velvet eyes
Robotic and red (spit fast)
Pearly whites
Taste the sweet sap (Spit fast)
and needle pines
Dry Crisp Ash and forest fires (sing like porous, crimson, velvet eyes)

Why did we start with one big bang?

The world
Is dreaming
Light is seeping
From the window pane
Tracer moves in sequence with our
3D domains
His will has been done
He’s already been named
His face will bare our logo
As he stares insane
His will has been done
He’s already been named
Feel the infinite blackness (spit fast)
Rolling in your icy veins

Castaways, Castaways, We’re All Castaways

If the elements met on a singular beach and exchanged glances and trading cards,
This would feed into his piercing golden brown eyes beaming across vast rolling plains
Raining brimstone as each massive leg crushes those running to their new demagogues
Lining the avenues there,
you must face
the tightly wrapped needle waste
Which lies in waiting

To whom must we give
He is surrounded by the movement of streetlights become twisting shadows whose ties become nooses as they become relished and asphyxiate

Resuscitate this movement
Resuscitate make this live (at this point have these phrases repeating underneath)
Initiate robotic stake cold capture and contemplate the unknown regions of the universe
If they take this task, they make this path, then it will awaken the knowledge of our uniform anonymity
Before me there is a map
Around me there is a sea
Above me are his pearl white fangs
Below me there is a way