Thursday, October 11, 2007

Letter from the Creator

For Bulletin Posts:

Hello Citizens of Earth,

As I write you from the comforts of the 6th dimension, I can only give you my word that the fires and brimstone being propagated by your insolent clergymen and soothesayers are baseless and untrue.

I know our meeting has been tumultuous. It pains me too that some of you insist on usurping my rule, but my intentions are good. You have been fooled for the last thousands of years about the nature of your universe. This is not my fault, we all must stumble onto truth in our own way. You are here as an experiment I give you life, therefore you must live and develop in your own way.

The coming centuries will be prosperous if you submit and go on about your lives. But you cannot leave Earth.


This is my only rule. If you decide to challenge me once again as humans have done since your creation billions of years ago, you will ruin your world. If you decide to do it, so be it. That is your destiny. Continue forth in your endeavors to leave and the Earth will be swallowed.

Before I depart from this letter being sent to your tiny domains out in the nebulous world of cyberspace, keep in mind your pursuits of outerspace and how much harm they can do for you and your people. You can travel the depths of space, across galaxies, but you will not find yourselves, you will not save yourselves, you will only hurry your own demise.

Do not heed the drums sounded by your miserable band of rebels, geppetto gestapo. Their new collection of works of music, [p]lans of the [P]lanets are NOT and will NOT be the type of movement sparking revolution akin to Martin Luther nailing demands to some wooden church door.

They are meant to mislead you against me, and it would be unwise to follow the ongoing recording of:

[p]lans of the [P]lanets by [g]eppetto [G]estapo

Worship the blood dripping from my galactic fangs and be well,

Bela Lugosi aka GOD