Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Dreams Part 1


*Childhood, recurring nightmare: ninjas and sumo wrestlers would invade our home and attack my family. In my dream the ninjas would creep around the windows of the second story of our house and I remember sumo wrestlers jumping off of the roof and into our pool.
*Teens, recurring nightmare: I was on a plane that was about to crash. Most of the time the front of the airplane was glass so I could see the ground as we plummeted towards it. Once I dreamt that an airplane crashed into our classroom.
*Adult, recurring nightmare: I took lsd accidentally (either I put it in my mouth without thinking or someone tricked me and gave it to me). I would realize right after I took it and then freak out because I didn’t want to start tripping. A few times when I was pregnant with my sons I had dreams that I forgot I was pregnant and took handfuls of drugs and I would wake up crying.
*Spooky dream: I thought I woke up. Lying in bed, I looked out of my bedroom door and saw a lady in 1920's attire standing in my kitchen. She slowly turned to look at me and I realized that she was a corpse. Then I quickly woke up again (or so I thought) and she was attacking me and trying to kill me. When I realized that I was still dreaming, I started shaking my own body trying to wake myself up.
*Another spooky dream: I woke up and there was a woman with dark long hair sitting next to me on the bed. She was blurry so I couldn’t really see what she looked like. She was holding down my arm and trying to stick a needle in it. I was really dizzy and couldn't fight back. Then I thought I woke up out of that and I was so relieved until I saw her crossing in front of my bed and she came back over and sat next to me again on the bed. I begged myself to wake up until I finally did.
*Sexual dream: I was having an orgy (gang bang style) with Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and my husband's two best friends in an upscale hotel room. They were all smoking cigars while they took turnes f-ing me.
*Sexual dream: I had a dream once that I was dating this really creepy looking guy (looked kinda like marilyn manson..but creepy). I was reading the newspaper when I came across an article about him. He was a wanted serial killer. I went over to his house knowing he wasn’t home and started snooping around. His house was dark and filled with knives and candles and pictures of women. I realized that he was going to kill me. All of a sudden he came home and I tried to hide in a closet. I realized there was a tunnel that led out of the closet. I tried to run off through there but he found me and chased after me. I was panicked and scared but I soon realized that I couldn’t run anymore so I just surrendered. He escorted me back to into his house. At first I was scared but then the experience started feeling very erotic and I looked at him and found myself intrigued and turned on by his murderous nature. That led to really amazing sex and afterwards as we were lying in bed, I decided I was in love with him and that I wanted to help him escape and go into hiding. I packed up my car and we started driving out of town. Soon, we were being chased by cops and somewhere along the way I woke up.
*Random dream: I had a dream once that I was a character in mortal kombat. I was actually fighting other characters as points were adding up in the corner of my dream. Once I would beat a character they would vanish and another one would appear.

My dreams have always made me question just how much psychic filth is still clinging to my consciousness-colon every moring, but the following is unsettling because I think it is solid evidence of blurring dreams.

Perhaps 'solid' is the wrong word because it involves me waking up wet. There's at least a teacup distributed evenly across my shirt. Not my shorts, only my shirt. Not funny.

I wake up to this on my back, even though I always sleep on my side, and hurry to the bathroom to wash it off. There is no smell of human or cat urine, no dampness on the bed. Not funny.

This happend once, but recently enough.
Knowing that I talk in my sleep is bad enough.